Le Fenêtre Est Plastique-asized…

Before I get to the fenêtre, I hurried down to the dungeon this morning to open the kiln, sitting comfortably at 155 degrees and had a wee peek in. It seems that my worrying was happily much ado about nothing…


I went ahead and unloaded and brought everything upstairs to look at them under the bright light that is part of the fan over the stove. I have to take some photos today and sort through everything and pack up what I’m taking with me on my trip. Here’s a bunch of yunomis sitting on the counter for Mom and Sofia’s perusal.


Until we can afford to replace the windows in the upstairs bedroom, I have to put plastique (<–french) over them to seal them for the winter. I've been doing this for years and really dread it for some reason. Usually I get 4 mil plastic and I always regret it because it's too flimsy and dogs and little girls poke holes in it but this year I splurged and got the 6 mil. Here's the upstairs windows…


Mom is never happy when I put this up because it assaults her idea of interior design… personally I think it lends a certain coziness to the room, in an “abandoned cabin in the woods” kind of way. But maybe next year I will be able to forego the echocardiogram I need and get that room into shape. Another reason I secretly wanted to get the thicker plastic is because my work table is covered with canvas and with a thick plastic sheet that I roll out when I’m glazing and roll away when I’m working with wet clay and the piece of plastic has been on there for 5 years and was left under the sweet gum tree last summer while I worked on the studio addition. This plastic has tannic acid stains from decaying walnuts, shellac dribbles and and the thousand natural shocks that plastic is heir to. So look at this beauty…


It’s the small things. Tonight is the simultaneous opening of two shows I’m part of at the same place with the same name. The reasons for this are partly misunderstood by me and what I do know would take too long to type and most definitely not hold anyone’s attention but regardless, Mom and I will be attending and it will be fun to see all the other ceramics. Then tomorrow… Shostakovich, Symphony #10 in E minor Opus 93.


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9 Responses to “Le Fenêtre Est Plastique-asized…”

  1. zygote Says:

    The firing results are great! It’ll be fun looking for them this year on AKAR’s yunomi invitational. Have fun at opening tonight.

  2. Miri Says:

    Nothing like taking fresh pots out of the kiln room to fully appreciate them, huh? Looking good! Sounds like a ‘happening’ weekend! Have fun.

  3. judy Shreve Says:

    That’s such a sweet green! Looks like a great firing — congrats on the show opening & enjoy the concert — which is sure to be magical the way the tickets found you . . .

  4. gary Says:

    “abandoned cabin in the woods”, or, dirt poor central NY trailer with a pit bull chained up outside kind of look which is all too common out there….
    My man, you pots are the BEST, the absolute BEST.
    Will there be a trip to the red pooper tomorrow?

  5. meredith Says:

    those are some yummy pots- see no worries.
    We put plastic inside as well when we need it.
    Tell your misses it looks better then blue board which works well for us in the studio.
    Just cut to fit and stick in the window.
    Now that is right smart stuff!

  6. Jeanette Says:

    Gorgeous kiln load! Almost makes all the worry bearable, doesn’t it?

    I used to put up the plastic when I lived in NY, makes a surprisingly big difference.

  7. ang Says:

    love the green jim…super firing you gotta be happy with that and the plastic well it makes home look kinda temporary…mmm… happy showing ..

  8. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Glad the kiln load turned out! Whew!

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