Cold Snap…

Another fun weekend… Friday we went to the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts openings of two related but separate shows which I and a couple others happened to have pieces in both because one was a show of people whose work is in the KMAC gift shop and the other was a show of the Louisville Clay Club. It was fun as openings go and I meant to take a bunch of pictures but we ran into people and started talking and then had to leave to pick up the bug. I took one picture of a fellow Louisville potter, Sebastion Moh, he makes the sweetest little teacups and here’s two (I apologize for the photo)…


Dolita, another member of the clay club who also runs the clay club’s blog, posted a slideshow of the work that was in the show and it is here if you’re interested. That evening the temperature dipped and we decided to turn the heat on. When I got up the house was still cold. The burners come on and the exhaust fan but apparently the blower is kaput. I spent the morning playing phone tag with a couple furnace repair places and they wanted 140.00 to come take a look and this would not be applied to the cost of repairs. I guess I should take heart in the fact that it had been so long since I had one of these guys out to the house that I missed the prices going from 40.00 to 140.00, of course they said that this was because it’s the weekend and the weekday price drops dramatically to a mere 80.00/90.00. I decided it wasn’t all that cold and am waiting. The problem of course is that I’m hitting the road early Monday and cannot hang around all day for furnace people. Fortunately, it’s supposed to be rather temperate next week. In addition to this rigmarole, Sofia and I had our Dad and Sofia lunch at the Red Pooper where Sofia constantly talked about poop, pee, throwup and diarrhea. She’s been singing the do-re-mi song from the Sound of Music lately and substituting these words at all the fortuitous intervals and I have learned that throwupy is an adjective, as in throwupy hair. Fortunately the patrons of the Red Pooper are directly from China and don’t speak English very well so maybe they haven’t learned all those words yet. Then the bug went to her cousin’s birthday party and me and my very best friend, Keith, went to dinner and then to see the Louisville Orchestra play Shostakovich. The opening piece was a Haydn symphony. The Louisville Orchestra is quite well known internationally for playing modern pieces and some of these can be quite esoteric. My belief is that they always pepper their concerts with a nice romantic piece so as not to have the audience have to stretch the whole time. I’m glad they do because I love all the Beethoven, Mozart, Tschaikovsky, and in this case Papa Haydn. Anyway the Shostakovich was really great! The conductor took a minute in the beginning to explain the context of the piece by illuminating the life of Shostakovich as it related to the rise and eventually death of Stalin. He was subject to Stalin’s whims during his reign and this had a somewhat perverse affect on him as it did many artists of the era. It was a no holds barred performance and was really great and the seats I won were the best seats I’ve ever had at a concert… row E, fifth row back, dead center. So I’m Iowa bound and will be off the grid for this week (not sure if I can post from Ig’s or even if I want to). Here’s one of the pieces I’m delivering (it’s a large bowl for me at 12″ diameter and about 7″ tall), I took a couple pictures on Friday but the lights were a bit off so the color is a touch off…




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8 Responses to “Cold Snap…”

  1. gary Says:

    Have a great trip amigo and thank goodness its mild this week!

  2. zygote Says:

    I didn’t see your work in the slideshow, did I miss it?
    I like Sebastion Moh’s work… The glazes he’s using set off the forms really nicely.

  3. Jeff Campana Says:

    I got a crew of students together to go to the opening. I just assumed it was regular opening time, so we planned to make a fashionably late appearance at 7:30. Turns out that it ENDED at 7:30! oops.

  4. soubriquet Says:

    Nice bronzy look to that one.
    Take care, wrap up warm.
    Maybe I’ll move to the US where I can live like a king by repairing furnaces.
    Or just inspecting them.

  5. meredith Says:

    Oh- I should not tell you that our guy was called yesterday and came out on saturday and fixed for 70.00.
    I know. I know you did not want to hear that.
    But it is one of the nice things about living in the middle of god knows nowhere.
    Love the pots- stay warm amd we will be here on your return.
    And the music read great!

  6. ang Says:

    happy travels….

  7. pru Says:

    hi Jim,been off catching fish so just catching up on all your posts and pot stuff yer work is looking pretty amazing!

  8. eugene hon Says:

    Fabulous colour the blue tea bowl. Linda you are spot on, I cant understand why mechanics. electricians and plumbers charge so much when they are often self taught and not that educated. Every job they do consists of finding the fault and charging us accordingly (we are at their mercy) – no creativity and or serious skills needed to perform these tasks and yet they price their labour as if they are processionals and very special indeed (those dreaded call out fees). We on the other hand are master craftspeople and or artists, highly skilled with talent (a gift of God) and all they want from us is specials and discounts. A days labour incorporated in your car’s service is astronomical in relation to the job at hand – I feel really depressed now. My prices should include the labour of love that makes it so special – making it priceless. Thank god for the aspect of therapy embedded in the art making process – at least somethings for free and contributes to the value of the art of making.

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