Iowa Trip (Day 3)…

On day 3 Ig had to go in for a meeting so I read in the morning and when he got back around noon we went to A-Dong and I had another delicious 14C. Little did I know whilst enjoying that 14C the culinary treat that awaited us later that day. We went and got some groceries and decided to go to a matinee. There was only one movie that started early enough for us to get back in time for Ig to prepare dinner. So my first movie in the theater in a very long time was not worth mentioning but there were a couple previews that looked like they might be good. We got home and while Ig started preparing for a small dinner party, which was the highlight of the trip for me, I ran around the house taking pictures of… pottery. These are just impromptu shots of the pieces in their natural setting so some leave a bit to be desired as far as lighting and crispness. I will probably pepper future posts with some of these shots but today… two Ming Dynasty celadon bowls, this first one is quite large, really heavy (I’d guess it’s 15 or 16 inches diameter) and has a subtle sgraffito design around the rim and on the inside…



Here’s a shot of the bottom which i found interesting because they apparently used a thrown ring to elevate the piece and allow them to glaze the foot. You can see a the remnants of said ring in a wee circle of glass in the middle of the bare section…


Ig has assured me that the value, although substantial, would be significantly more if it weren’t for this white mark in the inside which looks to me like someone handled the dried, glazed but unfired piece with either another white glaze on their fingers or some other contaminant. Still it’s a beautiful piece…


This bowl is the sole piece sitting on a bowl stand in the middle of an unbelievable carved table. I would say the table is about 7 or 8 feet long and 3 and 1/2 wide probably 15″ high. I shot the carved top on either side of the bowl (sorry about the shadow of the camera)…



Here’s another Ming bowl, slightly smaller with a sweet floral sgraffito design on the interior. After that a similar shot of the bottom which really shows a beautiful crackled celadon…



After running around the house, intermittently checking on the roasting red peppers (my small contribution) and interrupting Ig to ask about pots (all of which I’ve almost totally forgotten), my Pavlovian response was starting to kick in as the house filled with the aromas of garlic, onions and mushrooms… here’s the soup.


Here’s a shot of the set table awaiting the guests. This gratuitous shot’s table isn’t all that impressive compared to the previous shots of the other table but it’s a table that I made in my woodworking days and traded Ig for a large painting he did that is my prize possession.


The guests, Loulou and Mark and Tom, arrived around 6:30 and unfortunately had to leave before midnight because of everyone having to work the next day. Although Ig has known all of us for many years, I had met Tom before only once and have become fast friends with Mark and Loulou over the past 4 years or so and have seen them on my last few visits to Des Moines. The dinner consisted of roasted red pepper soup followed by portobello mushroom ravioli with a 3 mushroom sauce, then ended with a tasty insalata. Ig really outdid himself and we all drank wine, ate and partook in sparkling conversation that ended… All Too Soon as Duke Elllington would say. After dinner I started thinking about how and when I was going to manage another trip and how much fun it would have been to have had Sofia dine with us. A testament to the wonderful company was that it never once occurred to me to grab the camera and snap a pic.


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8 Responses to “Iowa Trip (Day 3)…”

  1. Miri Says:

    Wow! Amazing pieces and such a beautiful house. I always veer straight for the Asian art sections of museums, seeking out Chinese pottery (a visit to the Shanghai museum was like being in heaven for me!). Thanks for sharing and that raised ring technique is very interesting. I have to admit that I take great joy (and comfort) in spotting what we would call “glaze defects” on priceless and beautiful pots (e.g., looks like some crawling near the foot of one of the bowls).

    Ok. I’m curious: What IS this clearly desirable 14C?

  2. meredith Says:

    Okay- I have the same question.
    I love the pots and the carved top and all the food and company- but you have to tell us all what is 14c.

  3. gary Says:

    You made that table? Maaaaaaaan… 🙂

  4. Matt Says:

    I would love to have had a seat at that table.

  5. ang Says:

    cool snapshot of your trip, isn’t it the best thing to cook and have dinner with friends!!

  6. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Well, Day 3 sure seems to be a winner. What a wonderful time. And, hey, awesome table! You’re a multi-talented guy.

  7. eugene hon Says:

    I would have loved to see images of the food on the table and the dinner party (movement if possible) revealing the cant wait to dig in attitude when food is prepared this well and served on a well crafted table loaded with memories of lasting friendships and personal hospitality rituals (stooped in tradition). My stomach was groaning and taste buts yearning for the roosted pepper soup. Scrumptious indeed. ceramists no how to cook things and follow a recipe and I just love soups – bought a book on soups called the New encyclopedia of Soups – absolutely great, with lost of ways of making stocks that can be changed to suite your taste buds. Love the bowls and carvings – never a dull moment on this blog. Great to have you back to entertain and inform wisely on ceramic matters

  8. Jasper Says:

    nice table

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