Mysterious Goings On…

Yesterday Mom and Sofia were getting ready to take Sunglasses for a walk and Sofia let Sunglasses out the front door before Mom could get a leash on her. This is usually bad because she just runs away and doesn’t respond to calls as she criss-crosses the city streets. Anyway, she caught up with the dog in the alley behind our house and wrestled her to the back door, which was locked. I ran downstairs when I heard her knocking and upon entry she said almost crying… there’s a dead puppy in the alley. I asked where and she said it was right between the fence to our yard and the alley. I went out to investigate and sure enough a little pup was there so I reached down to see if maybe it might still be breathing but it was cold and had blood on its nose. I looked around and there was no one in sight so decided to get a trashbag and put it in our trashcan because the alley is the route that Sofia and Mom take the dog on and I didn’t want Sofia to see it. I went in the house and got a trashbag and returned (total time, maybe 45 seconds)… no dog. I again looked up and down the alley, in the neighboring yards, all around and not the slightest movement anywhere. I cannot imagine who would have come up during my brief trip to get a bag, seen the dog, and picked it up and taken it away. Oh well, mystery unsolved. Here’s some pics I took yesterday of one of the bowls I’m delivering to a show over in Indiana…




Here’s a bowl of Ig’s that is one of my favorites from his collection. I’ve always loved this bowl ever since he first got it, it’s about 6-7 inches in diameter. I believe that it was found in the ocean which accounts for the matte finish… it almost looks as though it’s been lightly sandblasted.

ig bowl

ig bowl


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7 Responses to “Mysterious Goings On…”

  1. Cindy G. Says:

    That is so weird and sad about the puppy.
    On a lighter note. Your bowl is beautiful. So is the IG bowl. (Who is IG?) I finished up that bag of “Frost” too fast. I’m porcelain crazy now. I want more, more, more 🙂

    • jim Says:

      hi cindy, ig is the friend i visited in iowa… the previous 4 posts. porcelain crazy is good crazy

  2. Michael Says:

    bizarre story. these things happen and when they do it seems like a dream.

  3. meredith Says:

    How wierd is that. If it happened here- we live out where a buzzard or something could snatch up an animal- I could see it.
    Here I go again I love the color of the bowl and think it needs a name with Chocolate or cream in it- truffles- something that would be silky on the tounge….

  4. Miri Says:

    Beautiful chocolate bowl! My, Ig’s place seems like Aladdin’s cave, with treasures every which way you look! I imagine he also has tons of cool things tucked away. Does he “rotate’ what he keeps out, like museums often do?

  5. ang Says:

    far out how mysterious can ya get, brilliant work as usual..!

  6. Jasper Says:

    It seems like every year around Halloween I see or experience weird things – moving shadows at the edge of the yard, birds flying around in my car because I cracked the window as usual, someone knocking on my door at 11pm who I knew before they got Lou Gehrig’s disease and now talk with an exaggerated slur, the handyman pulling into my yard on his bike hacking at 5am scaring me half to death.

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