The Mad Curmudgeon/Mystery Deepens…

Last night while I was making dinner two things happened, one funny and one strange. I was cutting up vegetables with my favorite big 12″ knife and I had my reading glasses on because I got tired of cutting my fingers. Sunglasses started jumping on the front screen door and barking. The neighbor’s cats have taken to sleeping on the porch and I figured it would be either a cat or a squirrel. It was a squirrel, so I squeezed out the door and the squirrel hardly moved… I clapped and made a loud noise to scare it and it only retreated 2 steps down. I tried again and it only went to the sidewalk right in front of the first step so I ran down the steps and chased it yelling to the end of the sidewalk where it leaped onto the dogwood tree. I looked up just in time to see a guy slowly riding his bicycle by and trying not to laugh… only then did I think of what my neighbors might be thinking of the knife-wielding, bespectacled codger out chasing squirrels in his front yard. Only minutes later a young couple knocked and I headed out again. At first I thought that they might be evangelists and was gonna take my knife for effect but decided I had better not. I squeezed out again and they were new neighbors that live across the alley in back of the house. I have a large pile of bricks out there from the “chimney to nowhere” I removed last summer when adding on to the studio and they were wondering if I’d be willing to part with them. After I said they could help themselves, I blurted out… “did you see that puppy in the alley yesterday?”. The young woman said, “what puppy?, a little tan one?”. Halfway through her answer I said… “the dead one”, and followed quickly with “yes, it was tan”. She immediately looked horrified and I felt like maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. Then she went on to say that the night before Mom found the puppy, that her “neighbor?” had brought the puppy to her home wanting to know if they wanted it and that “there was something wrong with him (the neighbor not the dog)”. This is where I have to have a bit of a back story as I have lived here for 19 years and in a previous life with my ex there was a teenage boy who lived in one of those houses that we were unsure what was going on with… only that he couldn’t speak very well. He was kinda like the character Bo Radley in “To Kill A Mockingbird” but not in a good way. What I remember mostly was that he would skulk up and down the street in front of our house on his bike (if one can skulk on a bicycle) and if I got in the car to go somewhere without my ex, he would be at the front door trying to get her to let him in within seconds of my rounding the turn. It got so that when I left I would merely ride around the block and come back down the same street and he would see me and tear off from my porch and get on his bike and ride as fast as he could. For a good period, he was not around and I hadn’t given it much thought only that I have seen him recently, still riding his bike around town except by my calculations he has to be around 35 or so. This morning when I told Mom that when I went to get the puppy it was gone (see previous post), she mentioned that as she was chasing our dog down the alley, she had seen this guy (we’ve talked about him before) near our fence and I had dismissed it as a coincidence. So… what? Bo Radley found/got/stole/something a puppy and offered it to his new neighbors, then the following morning the puppy is no more in the alley and cold, meaning it had been there probably through the night. Who knows what really happened but I’m very uncomfortable about a something-wrong-with guy who kills animals in close proximity. All in time for Halloween too. Gonna have to think about this some more.

Well on to Halloween preparations. We decided to carve the pumpkin last night and let Sofia draw the design that I would cut out…


Next came the gutting of said pumpkin and you can tell by the look on Sofia’s face that her participation in this step of the process didn’t last long so Dad scraped the insides out for about 15 minutes.


I’m not too sure of the structural integrity of our jack-o-lantern this year but decided to try and remain faithful to the drawing Sofia had made… I think it came out fine.



12 Responses to “The Mad Curmudgeon/Mystery Deepens…”

  1. Heidi Says:

    What a wonderful jack-o-lantern! What a creepy ass neighbor. Better keep an eye Sunglasses.

  2. Becky Jo Says:

    That is quite creepy about the puppy. Where did it go when you went to get the bag? Was someone watching you?! Weirdness. I’d be locking the doors…..

    The pumpkin looks great! 🙂

  3. Jerry Says:

    I’m with Sofia on the pumpkin gutting duty. Yee-uck!!! I could never do it.

    The creepy neighbor is super disturbing. I’d keep your spidey senses on high alert.

    • jim Says:

      hi jerry, the funny thing i forgot to mention is that she didn’t want to get the stringy pumpkin insides on her hands but she sat there and ate the stringy stuff the whole time i was getting it out.

  4. Jerry Says:

    Jim, I do believe that is the scariest, grossest thing I have heard yet this Halloween season. I’m going to my happy place now…be back soon.

  5. gary Says:

    Are you saying she was eating the pumpkin????

  6. cindy shake Says:

    Holy cr@p about the whole dead puppy and freakish neighbor thing!! I agree with Heidi- keep an eye on Sunglasses!!

    What a GREAT photo of Sophia!! Very cute :o)

  7. Cindy G. Says:

    I think you have good reason to connect the Weirdo to the missing dead puppy. I would contact Animal Control and ask if a report can be made. Who knows, maybe this isn’t the first mysterious animal death in your neighborhood. Very scary.
    Looks like a fun pumpkin carving. Did you roast the pumpkin seeds?

  8. zygote Says:

    Ok… I’m creeped out…

  9. eugene hon Says:

    I luv a good thriller and mystery story especially when it has a ring of truth to it. Is this your attempt to add some spice to your Halloween experience and or as suggested before add a twist to your blog entries to attract more attention, like that couple with the balloon who hid their kid in the attic. Its working for me and some of your other fans. I love this halloween event and wish we could have something like that here. Look like so much fun. All that pumpkin insides could make a great roasted pumpkin and garlic soup – I guess the antics of the mystery kid riding the bike is enough to create a knot in ones stomach – eating the soup might just evoke scary convulsions. sjoe is this in bad taste.

  10. Patricia Griffin Says:

    OK, OK, OK… Dead-Puppy Tales… Now you’ll have to do some investigating and follow up with us so as not to leave us hanging… Great shots of Sophia!

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