Speak No Evil…

I guess judging by my last post, one might think that I had recovered from my “cold” but I felt worse Friday, much worse Saturday and by Sunday I was completely exhausted and could speak no evil nor anything else for that matter as my laryngitis had reduced me to a mere whisper. Friday I figured it would be gone and felt in a terrible funk all day and that night went to the “One Of A Kind” exhibit of the Louisville Clay Club over across the river in Southern Indiana. The next day my niece (Leeann) and nephew (PJ) arrived from Lexington and DC respectively. I was really bummed out that my ability to be a host was compromised by feeling like dog doo. Anyway because of typical college student life (locking keys in the trunk) they did not arrived until around Sofia’s bedtime. This pushed back our pizza plans and we ended up having pizza, beer and conversation until well after midnight. The weather was in the 70’s and it was really beautiful so we ate out on the sidewalk in front of this pizza joint where all the colorful people of Louisville walk and drive by in a constant parade. The conversation was very good and I feel like I probably talked more to Leeann than I ever have in my life and was very proud of the young woman she’s become. PJ is in graduate school in DC and I haven’t had a good long talk with him in some time too. All in all, it was a very good outing save my ignoring that I was sick. As I’m sure they both felt I talked too much… the proof was in the tasting as my throat hurt terribly and I was barreling toward laryngitis. So out too late, up at 7 with the dog, then an over excited kid and dog until PJ’s friend Maria met us and we went to the Vietnam Kitchen for lunch. Here’s the gang wearing out the dog (thank you)…


I tried to get a picture of everyone but Sofia was so wound up that she wouldn’t cooperate and my picture taking tenacity was severely compromised. Consequently, all I have are blurry pics but this is actually how it all felt to me anyway…


They finally were able to control her enough to get a picture with her head not blurred or eyes not closed but they practically had to hogtie her to do it.


Anyway, it was really great to see them and to meet Maria and I hope they had a good time and they didn’t catch my H1N1 (just kidding). They all left about 3:30 or so and I crashed and burned. Went to the dr. this morning and still not feeling all that hot. I’m in the process of changing my dr. from my old general practitioner to my new one and this was my first visit today. It’s a coincidence that I’m ill because I made the appointment before I got sick. The reasons that I’m leaving my old doctor are way to long to try to explain here… maybe I should start a series called, “The Healthcare Crisis: A Poor Potter’s Perspective”? Not sure many would be interested except other poor potters… suffice to say (or suffice it to say) when I get chest pain, I have to bet whether I’m gonna pay 10,000 for an ER visit because my heartburn is acting up or if I’m actually dying. So far, I guessed right every time. I would also like to thank Charan Sachar over at Creative With Clay blog for featuring one of my cups on his “color of the week” feature. Please give the link a click and check out Charan’s blog… he makes beautifully slip-decorated ceramics that are Bollywood inspired,


He does this once a week and gets quite a bit of traffic to peoples’ Etsy stores. It’s difficult with my limited palette to have a color come around that I actually have a piece in and lucked out this week with olive green.


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6 Responses to “Speak No Evil…”

  1. gary Says:

    Holy cats those pots are PERFECTLY GORGEOUS.
    Poor Potter healthcare means don’t f##king get sick…..

  2. Judy Shreve Says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. cindy shake Says:

    Sorry to hear you’re sick and it’s not like the “employees” can crank out your work and cover for you… Tis’ the season my youngest is home with it, though a benny is working from home I can take good care of him! those colors are so yummy!!

  4. kyle Says:

    …it sure seems like that nasty flu thing is going around …its ben ripping through the university here…faculty and students alike…the chair of my dept. had it so bad it developed into pneumonia…he was out for two weeks…my own daughter had a fever for 5 days and missed a week of school…hope your feeling better soon, sorry for sharing the horror stories, I feel like the media,ha…take care

  5. anselblue design studio Says:

    colorful colorful stuff! get well soon.

  6. ang Says:

    ‘BUG BOUND’ you still write well though, its always a treat to read your adventures, hope your feeling better soon..total bummer about the lack of a proper healthcare system, feet up and lots of rest for you!!

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