Get Back To Where You Once Belonged…

Get back Loretta. It’s 55 degrees and sunny and going to 66 today, what a November. Sometimes though, what you want to wear doesn’t match the weather or anything else for that matter. Sometimes it’s snowing out and you feel like putting on a swimsuit. Anyway, here’s Sofia’s outfit that she put together… “tres bien ensemble” just jumps off my tongue…


The most frustrating things about being sick and not being in the studio, second only to not being in the studio and making work is that this blog is a ceramics blog and most of its content is about making pots. I haven’t made anything in 2 weeks (that will change today) and it pisses me off to no end that this has even lasted that long. I find it interesting when people ask… what is the purpose of your blog? In other words, why are you taking the time? I usually stumble through the obvious reasons… to get my work in front of more people, to connect with other people doing similar things, to make friends and acquaintances, to learn about how other potters do what they do, to hopefully sell pots and by extension be able to continue making pots, etc. One thing that I never say but that has somehow become obvious in the past 2 weeks of inactivity is that the blog is additional motivation to get things done. I don’t mean to say that I need motivation but more accurately I feel obligated to have progress so I can report that progress on the blog. Michael Kline’s idea which I may steal in the near future is to take pictures of the same pots from different angles and in black and white but that just gets you through a day or two dry spell. Anyway, this will probably continue because the dreaded holidays are imminent and notorious for lack of productivity. Thanks for all the well wishes on the previous post… don’t feel bad about thinking it was funny, I really intended it to be plus who can deny that from very early on in life the pain of others is always a great source of laughter (I mean pain in the 3 Stooges slapstick sort of way).


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7 Responses to “Get Back To Where You Once Belonged…”

  1. gary Says:

    My man, there are a lot of blogs out there, dull as ditchwater, and yours is NOT boring. And you know we wanna hear about it all, the feet, the dawg, the kiddo. Man, that is the GREATEST outfit on her.
    Do you realize Ima gonna see you next week?

  2. cindy shake Says:

    So many of us artists work independently and I find that my favorite artist Blogs are like communing with my co-workers! If we all worked in an office setting I guarantee we’d all be sharing similar stuff by the water cooler or in the break room. I think there is also a bit of safe voyeurism in it for me as well -what do their studios look like, how do they balance work, family and business etc. what are some issues other artists deal with on a day to day basis. I find it all very satisfying :o)
    PS -I’d LOVE to have an outfit like Sofia has on!!!

  3. Miri Says:

    Your girl is something else! Love the outfit, the pink, the patterns, the whole gestalt of it. She pulls it off so well!

    Was interested to read your “why blog” ponder. Nick and I often have the some discussion and we usually come up with different raisons d’être… If I was still in academia, delving deeper into motivations to blog (as predicted by personality characteristics perhaps?) would be right up my alley.

  4. soubriquet Says:

    Great Idea!!!!!!
    Here’s me, not getting around to blogging and not making so many pots, and JG comes up with the perfect idea…. Okay, he stole the idea from MK, but that’s what bloggin’s about…
    So I might recycle some pics… Oh, no, not ones I’ve already used, but relics all the same.
    So you and Gary are meeting up? Great! Wish I could join you…
    I met up with Matt Grimmitt at the weekend, went out for a few beers talked pots …..

    And yes, Tres bien ensemble indeed, I don’t know what it is she’s got, but she’s definitely got it.
    I forsee a big and creative future for that kid!

  5. ang Says:

    carrie bradshaw would be jealous!!…….hehehehehehe

  6. Michael Mahan Says:

    That is a treasure picture. Get back Joe.

  7. Eugene Hon Says:

    I have not managed to enter anything on my blog, nor could I say that I have been productive in the studio either. Anyway what can one say – the feeling is mutual – the blog now acts as a conscience. Not that I am not busy, as artists we always determine productivity by our creative output and not doing something that is fundamental to to being an artist can have a very negative impact on our well-being, the last thing you need to feel right now. Just imagine how determined you are going to be when you get out of this situation and you are able to get your hands onto clay again – one always produces great work after a short lay-off, short break, it can be very exciting – a kind of reflective situation that leads to a spurge of creativity. Use it as a time to gather new knowledge and reference material (food for creative thought) that could spark a new level of creativity. Preaching like always what a ………..

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