Cleanliness Is Next To, er, Something…

Whatever, my studio is usually bedlam probably because I never finished the construction all the way before I moved my clay stuff back in and started working… nah, it’s because I’m sloppy and maybe secretly because I cherish the idea that something beautiful might emerge from the chaos. Anyway Sofia and I decided to get some cleaning done and in a classic amateur blogger sort of way, I didn’t take a before picture. First I moved everything that was on the one half of the studio to the other half

and had to leave room for the real reason that I am doing this now… to move the loveseat that our neighbor gave us into the studio from the foyer. I accepted the loveseat because I thought it would be great to do my decorating on something with cushions as opposed to the lawn chair that I use now that cuts the circulation off in my legs. But the wee couch is not something I could just move in and while I’ve been “a’gittin around to it”, Sunglasses has not only claimed it as hers, she’s gone ahead and eaten about half of it. Next we swabbed the deck and got up all the glaze that’s been spilled, Sofia is at this wonderful age where she actually wants to help do everything and she was very helpful throughout the afternoon.

After that dried, we spread the thick plastic that was left over from winterizing the windows upstairs over the newly claimed and cleaned floorspace. This will make future cleanups so much easier…

Right about then, Sofia decided that the floor was a perfect dance floor and I had to let her dance around for a couple of songs on the CD player before we could resume…

Here’s the love seat in place with an old blanket covering the lacerations. I couldn’t get Sofia to not have her tongue sticking out so here’s the pic, she loved it so much when we got it in place that we both had a cup of chamomile tea on it where she insisted on clinking our cups together before every sip and saying “slainte”. I think she was so excited about having a new look to the room that she would have slept there if we had let her…

Hopefully I can get the other half of the room to a workable state today but, as always, I have to find a place for a bunch of stuff that’s in the way and there simply isn’t any place to put it. When I take the dog out, I stand under our sweet gum tree while she finds the perfect square centimeter to pee on. In the fall most of the tree turns a beautiful gold and yellow but some of the leaves go to an almost black…


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8 Responses to “Cleanliness Is Next To, er, Something…”

  1. Judy Shreve Says:

    Sounds like you are feeling better – and a clean studio is so nice!!! I always stop and dance in the middle of chores — that Sofia is so smart!

    Hope your mummy treatment helps with your feet too. Things are looking up!

  2. meredith Says:

    new space needs breaking in with dance and drining- even if it is only tea.
    That Sofia is my kind of girl.
    Love the “new” look!

  3. ron Says:

    Ha! Great post. Cleaning can be fun you just have to have the right attitude like Sofia has, and breaking for dancing and tea sure does help.

  4. Jasper Says:

    are you guys hobbits?

  5. gary Says:

    next TUESDAY amigo 🙂

  6. Amy H Says:

    I really like that dancing picture. Now that would be a great one to frame of your beautiful girl!

  7. Ignatius Widiapradja Says:

    Sofia has a nice move.

  8. Eugene Hon Says:

    I love cleaning up – always a sign of getting one’s house in order. You always feel so much better, rough and ready for the next batch of work. Everything always looks better in a clean studio and one tends to be more critical and focussed. The feeling of being in control brings a new found freedom that increases the work ethic. Happy working in your cleanliness is next to, dare I say it goooooooooooodliness.

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