If you have a child you are probably already aware of this and I’m sure in some deep distant neuron lost in my brain is the memory of myself doing this (Mom, if you’re reading, feel free to pipe in), but Sofia seems literally obsessed with certain words… the most fascinating one being poop. I do remember as I retold in this post getting my grandfather to tell me the Italian word for poop and also remember saying it for years but in my mind the frequency of it correlated to the novelty of saying it in another language that, in my mind, not everyone knew. Well, remember George Carlin’s act “The Seven Words You Can Never Say On TV”… the funny part to me aside from the words themselves was the manner in which he rattled them off in one long string. Apparently Sofia has her own seven words and has been reciting them in much the same way over and over and over. The 7 words are as follows: poop, pee, throwup, diarrhea, blast, butt and… my favorite, trashcan. This string of seven really started out as 2, then quickly became the first 4 which she has said incessantly for months as well as inserted into the lyrics of songs. I guess I should point out that blast was my fault as I taught her this in place of the baby word poot because I imagined how funny it would be when she casually said it in front of the grandparents, it wouldn’t be vulgar but still much more powerful than poot. Then Sofia and her cousins must have tried to add others to the string and could only come up with butt and trashcan. Trashcan gives me a bit of insight into how their little brains are working, you know, what else is gross?… oh I know, trashcan! Oh well, on to other things… these are two of my favorite pots that my friend Ig has in his house along with dragon closeups. They are approximately 35” tall….

There are quite a few of these at Ig’s house including some that I didn’t get any pictures of and they are all dreamy. I will post more later.


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7 Responses to “Linguistics…”

  1. gary Says:

    Sorta like “assless chaps” and “jello wrestling” have been coming out of my mouth every other sentence for the last 2 months…yes, I understand it.
    Jim, Ig’s dragon piece here kicks AZZ I love it so much….

  2. jenmecca Says:

    Oh if only you had three little people who where fascinated with those words ( actually I have 4 because my husband enjoys these topics from time to time with the kids as well!) Our latest is my 9 year old wanting to know what all the “bad words are”. He promises to never say them but he just “has to know them just in case…..”
    Love reading your stories! Jen

  3. meredith Says:

    Welcome to the years of the “bathroom ” language, as My mother would say.
    WE used the word doody as in chicken doody when my son was young.
    At the ripe age of 7 he told me there was a dirty word in his spelling book.
    I looked and could not see it- tell me I asked- no he said.
    So I called them all out one by one until I got to duty.
    He was uncontrollable in laughter.
    We had to take apart the words and show him duty was not a bad word unless it starts with jury——-
    Love the pot!
    And your tales of Sophia!

  4. Margaret Brampton Says:

    My daughter is 29, my sons 19, 16 and 13 and all I can say is things don’t change!! Happy parenting. (Wouldn’t be so bad but my husband is just as bad.)
    No wonder I spend so much time in my studio! (Just kidding! They are wonderful)

  5. ang Says:

    trashcan is the odd one out, love the run all together though…hehehhe,, I may have to bring a few of those back into my vocab sounds like fun!!

  6. Mom Says:

    I am sure all of you had quite a vocabulary that I tried hard to ignore. What comes to mind is the words you used to make up ………… “weeber” for instance – “There’s a weeber in my milk!” Also, one of my favorites was the insistence that a row of school buses were “trucks”. I am sure it was “trucks”! Love, Mom

  7. Supersillyus Says:

    grunny…haaaa ha ha

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