Keep Me Hangin’ On…

Well Wednesday I thought I was better, actually I was better. Hit the studio with my helper and tried to get back up on the horse (the spinning horse). It wasn’t the most productive day but felt good to get back in the clay. That night went and had a couple beers and woke up the next day with either a relapse or a whole new cold. It doesn’t feel the same. I was super pissed and tried to work yesterday regardless but just didn’t have the energy to make a good go of it… had to cancel my big scrabble game last night. Anyway, I don’t want these posts to sound like I’m complaining because I’m not… merely reporting the facts. My helper, on the other hand, was quite productive. The cleaning of the studio and putting the love seat in there has somehow turned the space into Sofia’s favorite place in the house. She’s been there for days and I love the company. Two nights ago, while putting her to bed, she said… dad, I love your studio. Here’s how she showed up for “work” yesterday…

We’ve been having tea each day about the same time and she has all her markers on my work table. She started making cards and once she gets going, the production goes into high gear…

Then she moved on to decorating an old vase I had around that was bisqued but not glazed…

I’m looking forward to firing it. Then apparently when I went upstairs for a bit, she ran out of paper to make more cards and, ever resourceful, decided to mark up the nearest white thing she could find…

And of course, here’s the toenails… I have no idea how she got Sunglasses to sit still to paint her toenails. I could barely get her to allow me to take these pictures which I took a day later (as you can tell by the toenail polish already starting to wear off).


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9 Responses to “Keep Me Hangin’ On…”

  1. gary Says:

    Oh Jim, your daughter…that dog….MAN oh man!
    Feel better amigo, I hope you get through this 🙂

  2. Miri Says:

    Sofia is forcing me to reexamine my choice in studio wear! Throwing with those shoes might be a tad challenging though…

  3. cindy shake Says:

    Oh my gosh that is so funny about the dog!!! It’s when the kids are very, very quiet we need to be on high alert! Years ago, our youngest had colored the television set screen solid with an orange crayon… why? he was watching a Casper the Ghost video while I was getting some work done and said Casper needed to be colored in…

  4. Rob Says:

    That is absolutely hilarious! Really, who wants a dogs with just brown spots anyway? And what did she use to decorate that vase? Very abstract expressionisty.

  5. Patricia Griffin Says:

    You made me laugh out loud. Thanks Jim! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  6. Eugene Hon Says:

    All these activities to cheer you up – how lucky you are Mr. We are all urging you on to get well soon. Who needs a doctor. Never thought blogs to fulfil such a fundamental human need. 21st century nurses in all shapes and sizes at you bed side. What more can you wish for a daughter taking on the creative lead and a dog, a man’s best friend at your side, an inspiration indeed. Hope all our encouragement better will ensure you swift recovery soonest.

  7. ang Says:

    oh dude you need more onions!! scare those bugs away…..hehehehehe thats one crazy studio energy happening there, maybe munchkin is making up for you !!…cheers.. big sleeps, you sound like ya need it..

  8. Gord Says:

    Monday will be six weeks since I first came down with this cold. I’ve had two relapses of utter exhaustion, but it’s been a pretty steady, if slow, climb back to full health. Take care of yourself, you don’t want it to morph into something else.

    Poor Sunglasses. The boys here gave me this weird look a minute ago: i burst out laughing when I saw the dog. LOL

  9. Supersillyus Says:

    I burst out laughing too. Reminds me of the time I cut an “x” into the coat of my aunt’s dachsund with scissors (just the top brown layers revealing the blonder layers beneath). Boy was she mad. I thought it was really cute right on the hip bone. Also, my dog Nurse Whitey who looks like Sunglasses except she only has a monocle looks fab with cherry red toenails. Right on, sista!

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