Don’t Ya Just Love The Holidays?…

Well, it’s bug day and then it’s Thanksgiving week so this is probably my last post before we go off the grid again. Those pilgrims were so thankful weren’t they? My favorite story was of the Jamestown “pilgrims” who actually were there before the Mayflower and after ingesting datura stramonium were said to have appeared coming out of the woods days later completely naked and a bit worse for wear (later after the effects were known, it was apparently used to poison the British soldiers). Jamestown weed became one of the common names along with thorn apple, devil’s weed and devil’s apple which after time was mispronounced into the current common name… Jimson weed. So how about a new holiday?… ThanksJimson Day? Sorry, still not quite myself, I managed to get a bit of work done yesterday and now another week before I get back in the studio again. Here’s a glamour shot in black and white…

I had lots of company again yesterday and we got out some colored slips for Sofia to continue “painting” her vase. I think it’s turning out a bit deKooning-esque…

Here’s a shot of the dynamic duo, Sunglasses has since had a bath to wash away the markers but there’s still a bit of yellow in places that makes her look like she’s might be coming down with a bit of jaundice…

So by the next post I should be well again (famous last words) and then only 3 weeks til more dreaded holidays… my favorite time of year, said the curmudge sarcastically. We watched “Food, Inc.” last night and although I attempt to stay apolitical here in blogtown, this movie is very disturbing. It is clearly not propaganda and although I believe everyone ought to see it, I know that mostly only the people who are already convinced will. It is absolutely deplorable in every way what these companies are doing to farmers, laborers and the public… if you intend to see it, you may want to wait until after the holidays because it will definitely ruin your dinner. Hasta luego.


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8 Responses to “Don’t Ya Just Love The Holidays?…”

  1. jen Says:

    I see that the dog got a bath! No way my three could ever get a hold of our cats but boy they would be in heaven if they could put magic marker all over a dog! That was so funny. Jen

  2. gary Says:

    Feel better my man, see ya Tuesday 🙂

  3. soubriquet Says:

    I Kinda liked the decorated dog.
    Datura Stramonium……
    A couple of years ago, i was running an off-road event, and whilst laying out competition sections I found an interesting looking plant with trumpet shaped flowers. I photographed it, but nobody knew what it was.
    Later in the year, i was at the site again, found the plant had some cool spiky seedpods, which I harvested…
    This time, using the wonder of the internet, I discovered it was Datura stramonium, alias Jimson Weed.

    “The James-Town Weed (which resembles the Thorny Apple of Peru, and I take to be the plant so call’d) is supposed to be one of the greatest coolers in the world. This being an early plant, was gather’d very young for a boil’d salad, by some of the soldiers sent thither to quell the rebellion of Bacon (1676); and some of them ate plentifully of it, the effect of which was a very pleasant comedy, for they turned natural fools upon it for several days: one would blow up a feather in the air; another would dart straws at it with much fury; and another, stark naked, was sitting up in a corner like a monkey, grinning and making mows [grimaces] at them; a fourth would fondly kiss and paw his companions, and sneer in their faces with a countenance more antic than any in a Dutch droll.

    In this frantic condition they were confined, lest they should, in their folly, destroy themselves — though it was observed that all their actions were full of innocence and good nature. Indeed, they were not very cleanly; for they would have wallowed in their own excrements, if they had not been prevented. A thousand such simple tricks they played, and after eleven days returned themselves again, not remembering anything that had passed. – The History and Present State of Virginia, 1705”

    So I have the seeds, and am thinking of whether I shoud plant them, or destroy them.
    Nice plant, like deadly nightshade, not AS dangerous, but hallucinogenic in an often very scary way.

  4. Barbara Edwards Says:

    I’m with you on Food, Inc. Can watching a film be made mandatory by law? (OK maybe that would be another set of problems.)

    Sohia’s vase is getting more and more exciting!

  5. meredith Says:

    You guys are having too much fun while I was working this wekend.
    I loved the dog too bad you had to bath off the beautiful colors.
    I don’t know if I would have been so relaxed about it.
    I was so young when my kids were born.
    Best for the holidays- I hope you enjoy a bite or two!

  6. Gordo Says:

    I haven’t had a chance to watch Food Inc yet, but it’s on my list. Food politics has become a very big issue for me since aiming my life towards eventual full-time beekeeping. I just finished reading an excellent and very upsetting book along the same lines: The War in The Country: How the Fight to Save Rural Life Will Shape Our Future. I highly recommend it to anyone interested. He uses incidents from around my area (he lives 30 minutes west of me) to illustrate the problems facing small farmers. The primary ones being corporate interests and government.

  7. Michael Mahan Says:

    Happy ThanksJimson, Jim.

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    […] weed and because of mispronunciations of the years became jimsonweed as I mentioned in this post. Well, I’ve been excited to report that I have discovered the origin of one such name and I […]

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