And Miles To Go Before I Sleep (Thanksgiving pt. 1)…

Back from Thanksgiving and it wasn’t the most auspicious beginning at the outset of the trip last Monday. I think in the future I will just cancel trips if I’m sick because it’s difficult to enjoy yourself and if you’re not bedridden it feels like you’re being the party pooper all the time (btw… this thing is still holding on but I’m about 90% now.) Anyway Sunday evening before leaving the next morning, I put the bug to bed and got a bowl of pasta to eat before loading up the car. I walked with pasta in left hand and grabbed the tv remote with the right as I entered the dark living room and figured I’d just eat with the light of the stupidbox. We have a coffee table that rolls around on casters that is square with square edges that’s been up against the wall in the dining room for years because we didn’t want Sofia to fall and hurt herself on it. Lately Mom has been painting the trim in the dining room and the table has been rolled out into the middle of the living room… you can see where this is going. I walked rather briskly into the table and hit both my shins halfway between my feet and knees and toppled over the table landing on the rug between the table and the couch. After writhing in the intense pain for a minute or so I got up and was pleased with myself for somehow not spilling my pasta on the floor. Here’s the culprit…

About halfway through my pasta, I felt something strange and rolled up my pantleg to find the horror of a sack that had formed on my shin which was filled with blood and about the diameter of a plum and protruded from my leg by a little over an inch. I should have taken a picture because after telling the story a couple times, I think it seems like I’m exaggerating but I’m not… it was like a tumor. Anyway, I must have popped or severed the blood vessel that’s on the front of the shin and I didn’t know how serious this is (or if it even is) and started contemplating whether to cancel the trip or not. It was too late to go to an immediate care center and I can’t afford the emergency room so I elevated and iced it but was not thrilled about a half a cup of blood that wasn’t in the vein (or artery). (By the way, I arrived home last night and got some popcorn and went to sit on the couch in the same room and took a step into the unlit room and stopped. I looked down to where the table was and could not see a thing. I took a couple tentative steps forward before making it out… there’s apparently something about the color of the table that makes it disappear against the color of the rug. This at least made me feel like it wasn’t because I’m an oblivious klutz that doesn’t watch where he’s going.) The swelling went down to a large bump by morning (and is still the same as I type this) and I decided to go forward with the trip. So we get up the next morning, pack the car, get everyone in and put Sunglasses in the front seat for a 12 hour drive and I turn the ignition and… clickety, clickety, click, won’t start. We eventually jump it with my car but I’m unsure if it’s a dead battery or the alternator or the starter and not wanting to be stranded in some town in Ohio with a starter that’s kaput I decide that we cannot shut the car off until we arrive which means no lunch break and leave the car running while we’re getting gas (it turned out to be a dead battery that my brother and I replaced Tuesday morning). So… on the road again, we get about 30 miles out of town and Sunglasses, riding shotgun with me up front, vomits her breakfast on her bed that I placed on the floor in front of her seat. Driving along with the vomit soaking into her bed, I decided to wait until we get to the next rest area to clean it up a bit and about 10 minutes later she wretches again and throws up a second load onto a different area of her bed. By now I’m thinking that maybe we are not meant to take this trip but we soldier forward and after cleaning up the mess, the rest of the trip was relatively uneventful. Here’s the demon dog riding shotgun…

And here’s her partner in crime who weathered the long drives quite well…

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11 Responses to “And Miles To Go Before I Sleep (Thanksgiving pt. 1)…”

  1. gary Says:

    Well, Sunglasses is cute, even if a demon dawg…. šŸ™‚

  2. Jerry Says:

    Wow Jim, you are quite the trooper. I think I would have completely bailed on that trip. Hope your shin is doing better.

  3. ron Says:

    OUCH! Man that’s rough. Glad you’re home again.

  4. meredith Says:

    At least you got your self out and on the road.
    I am home with vertigo and like sunglasses tossed a few cookies myself.
    I would have thrown the dog bed away.
    Did you clean it or dump it.
    Get your self better soon.

  5. Becky Jo Says:

    Oh man! Geez.. the trauma of travel to family gatherings. I’m so sorry about your shit. I HATE whacking my shin/leg/toe on anything. I usually sound like a sailor/truck driver when that happens, and my darling husband just laughs laughs laughs…

    Oh, and if it makes you feel any better. Maggie (woofer) doesn’t travel well either. I took her to town with me once and came out of the Target to find a nice barf on the front driver seat. Lovely.

  6. ang Says:

    hehehe becky, funny!!!.. oh jim man you certainly get into it, so have ya got your leg seen to yet?..

  7. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Maybe that table would look great painted a luminous white?

    No fun going off on a 12 hour drive worrying about whether your car will make it, so I’m glad it was uneventful, except for the dog barf. Sofia looks completely unworried and cozy in the back seat.

  8. cindy shake Says:

    Hematomas, Dead Batteries and Vertigo -oh my!!
    Sounds like you had a Hematoma on your shin… ouch! I’m not sure I would have been able to hit the road after all of those “signs” to stay put! I’m way too superstitious. Glad everything turned out OK…

  9. jenmecca Says:

    Wow…dog vomit and a kid. You are my hero!!jen

  10. More International Confusion… « Sofia’s Dad’s Pots Says:

    […] And let’s not forget the incident with the coffee table resulting in a lower leg hematoma here. Oh yes, and the bicycle accident that had me out of commission for 3 weeks here. In my defense the […]

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