Work @ AKAR Is Live…

The work that I took to Iowa on my way to visit my friend Ig is on the AKAR website now along with some new work from other potters. Check it out if you have a hankerin’, here’s a few shots that Cliff, AKAR’s photographer, shot (click to enlarge)…

It’s a buggity bug bug day today and tomorrow and it went below freezing last night so looks like a chilly weekend.


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7 Responses to “Work @ AKAR Is Live…”

  1. gary Says:

    Some totally awesome shots there amigo!
    You will no doubt be headed to the Red pooper today.

  2. Dawn Says:

    VERY Cool!!!

  3. zygote Says:

    Cliff’s shoot’n really shows your work off very very nicely. Looks Great!

  4. zygote Says:

    I just went over to AKAR site to see what you had taken over… your work really looks great in the line-up. Congrats!

  5. ron Says:

    Pots look great there Jim!!!

  6. ang Says:

    oooh super nice…congrats on the akar site thingy hope you move well there..

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