Blizzard In Louisville!…

One of the privileges of growing up north of the Mason-Dixon line and living south of it is making fun of how southerners perceive the white stuff that falls from the sky. We went to bed last night with nary a flake in the air and woke up to this…

No doubt schools will be closed today, there will be many automobile accidents, throngs of people will be at the supermarkets (braving the weather) to stock up on milk, weather people will be taking over the local tv networks, sanders and salters will be parked idling under every overpass in town and of course the National Guard will be called in if it keeps up. To the native northerner is never seems like less than pandemonium and of course it happens every year… but really, what is it about getting milk? Is milk really what you need if you’re trapped in your home for a week? Is it merely because people want to bake cakes? Every winter storm has a commensurate “news” story about the milk being sold out at the grocery stores. And since turnabout is fair play, to all the northerners who after being told that it snowed last night always reply, “it snows in Kentucky?”… the laws of physics are not suspended in the south. Anyway, since we’ll be holed up here maybe I can get some work done today… stay warm.


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18 Responses to “Blizzard In Louisville!…”

  1. Gordo Says:

    Southern braggarts. My sister-in-law in Houston, Irrelephant and Vulgar Wizard in Louisiana and you all got snow. I currently have flakes drifting past the window, but nothing’s accumulating.

  2. Ignatius Widiapradja Says:

    Snow in Des Moines too. It is supposed to get worse by tomorrow and wednesday.

  3. Dawn Says:

    do you have enough milk?

  4. gary Says:

    Cute neighborhood! But you have more snow than us here in the snow belt 🙂

  5. cindy shake Says:

    Hmmmm…you probably already know what this Alaskan is thinking!

    BUT I will admit if a city is not used to being snow prepared- equipment, street designs and snow tire-wise the place can come to a standstill. We made fun of people in Seattle last year shutting down after some flurry’s UNTIL we tried to make it up a steep, steep hill downtown in a rent-a car with summer style tires!!!

  6. Miri Says:

    No snow here either… 😉 Stay warm everybody and watch out for folks who don’t know that they should turn INTO the skid (do they even teach stuff like that down in the South???)!!!

  7. ron Says:

    yep. same thing happens here in NC. Milk, bread, eggs go like crazy, maybe everyone is making French toast.

  8. meredith Says:

    I don’t get it either – I think they think we are all going to eat sandwhiches and eat cereal.
    Why else all that Milk and bread- or is this where the tradition of dressing started?
    What do you do with all that bread you don’t eat?

  9. Becky Jo Says:

    I drove home from Des Moines in the snow last night.. there wasn’t that much sticking at first, but it was making the roads slick. I woke up to a nice white blanket on everything.. We’re supposed to get 4-5 more inches tonight with a LOT of wind. I have plenty of bread and milk, but more importantly…. eggnog.

  10. kyle Says:

    …it snows in Kentucky?

    sorry, I was born and raised in FLA…now I live around the Laurel Highlands area north of Pittsburgh…what do I know?!

  11. Barbara Edwards Says:

    It snowed in the hills across from the Golden Gate Bridge last night!! I didn’t buy any milk.

  12. Trish Says:

    Jim…welll, I just had to add my two cents worth to this post.
    .I am from Alberta, Canada…and yes, it was -35Celcius/-31F here last night after our weekend snow storm which did cause havoc on the roads and we all realized that yes, winter is finally here! is an adjustment relative to where you live. We look forward to the occasional ‘snow day’ when everything slows down or closes up and one just waits out the storm. –haven’t had one of those for a long time,though. ahhhh ‘the weather’… we can do ‘not’ about it…wellll, there is the global warming discussion, but let’s not get into that tonight… Keep warm.

  13. Es Says:

    I’ts too hot for December here in Australia (our summer)! Let’s hope our leaders can com to an agreement in Copenhagen how to tackle this global problem!

  14. Yana Says:

    In Nova Scotia we call it Armageddon shopping. I have a friend who says when she was a kid, her dad’s version of Armageddon shopping was to buy all the junk food they weren’t allowed to eat any other time.

  15. Patricia Griffin Says:

    wow, and we were whining today about having to put on our coats cuz it was a bit chilly. Spoiled Californians!

  16. Ashley Says:

    Ok, so it’s a year late and a dollar short, but I have been reading your blog from both ends and hopefully I will meet in the middle somewhere. However, I just read this one and I laughed at the milk comment. I used to work in the customer service/order desk department for a Dairy here in Canada and about half of our customers were in British Columbia. Whenever the weather forecasters (liars) even talked about the possible chance of the threat of snow in Vancouver, everyone would leave work early, call in sick, etc and run over to the nearest grocery store and buy milk. It is as if they thought that all the dairy cows were going to freeze and they would never get milk again. I find it extremely hilarious that this phenomenon occurs elsewhere. I live in Alberta, so snow is nothing new, and milk is never in short supply. In fact, I can go days without even thinking of buying it…even when it is blizzarding outside.

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