It’s Colder Than A Well Digger’s Ass…

That was one of my dad’s favorite idioms and when we were young if we laughed when he said it, he would proceed to tell us why the well digger’s ass was cold… because apparently the well wasn’t all the big of a hole diameter-wise and in order to be in the hole and keep digging with a shovel, the digger’s ass would be pressed against the opposite wall of the cold, wet earthen hole. Actually it’s 21 degrees out and it going to get colder still but last night the wind was whipping with gusts of 40+ mph which made the 21 degrees feel much colder. I braved the weather last night to meet up with fellow potter, Jeff Campana, and have a few beers (they’ve got Bell’s Two Hearted Ale on tap) at a great local tavern named the Nachbar. It’s always fun to get together with Jeff because I don’t really get to hang out with many potters and just talk pots, which we did for most of the time we were there. We talked about making pots, selling pots, shows, galleries, online marketing and on and on and it was good fun. I had forgotten that on Wednesday, local jazz musicians play there at the Nachbar and for the last hour that we were there, there was live jazz. We were both equally surprised at the end of the evening to find out that each other was a fan of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Here’s one of Jeff vases…

On a blog related note… I moved my old “recent bowls” out off the Recent Bowls page to the Bowls page and put my actual recent bowls on the Recent Bowls page… upper right corner of this blog under “Pages”. Most of them have been displayed in posts over time but if you have a hankerin’ to see them all together go ahead and check it out. Here’s one…


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5 Responses to “It’s Colder Than A Well Digger’s Ass…”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Nice pots! We’re under a blizzard warning in SW Michigan. I was happy to hear Bell’s has made it to Kentucky! If you ever come this far north you have to check out Bell’s Eclectic Cafe. Stay warm!

  2. gary Says:

    Isn’t jeff the dude who carves pots up and puts them together again? Forking awesome.

  3. cindy shake Says:

    Sounds like a great way to spend a wintery eve! I’m laughing at the idioms :o) my dad used say what Linda said -only it was “colder than a witches t.t. in a BRASS BRA!”

  4. Cindy G. (Dirt-Kicker Pottery) Says:

    Sounds like you guys had a fun time. Yesterday they had a story on the news… Yet another kid licked a metal light pole on his way to school.. Dummy. “Colder then a kids tounge on a frozen light pole” 🙂

  5. scotty Says:

    listen to Tom Wait’s ‘Diamonds on my Windshield’ from the album ‘The heart Of Saturday Night’, thats were I first heard it and it made me chuckle 🙂

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