Beer Is Food…

This is the slogan of one of our local brewpubs and I believe it to be true. All the talk on the radio about climate change gets one to imagine some kind of catastrophe that would shut down society and leave every person to themselves to find sustenance. These are not pleasant thoughts and some people take preparation for these events more serious than others. Well I got to thinking about my cousin that brews beer and that he, like everyone else if this situation were to come about, would need food and water. Then I thought… he’s got around 7000 bottles of beer in his basement and it had me wondering how long he could live on that supply of beer. I bet it would do in a pinch and although it might be a version of a liquid diet, I bet he’d hold out for quite some time. Now that you get a peek at how a demented mind functions, I guess the advice for those preparing for such a situation… start brewing. My cousin, Rand, gave me some beer to take home and last night I had one of the wonderfully yummy porters and I’m not exaggerating when I say that light cannot pass through this beer. There are some very bright lights mounted in the exhaust fan above our stove and I held the beer directly in front of the light to take this picture…

We met a couple nights ago for Club 52. I arrived late because I had the bug and had to wait for Mom to get off work. After scurrying down to Sergio’s, I joined a work in progress. Here’s an attempt at capturing a toast but even holding the camera as far back as I could and still getting my glass in the shot, it was not wide enough to get anyone except the birthday boy, Ray, in the shot…

Here’s part of the roundup for the evening. This busboy dude came and took some of the bottles (the nerve!) before I could get a shot so this is all that represents our choices from the over 1000 beers at Sergio’s…

And finally here’s a picture of my friend, Al. In addition to his blog that I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Al works running an art program for mentally handicapped adults and he had just fired a kiln for them and brought this cool little fire hydrant. I think the thing hanging from it is supposed to be a blasting cap and there was also a little pipe wrench that wasn’t in the pic…

Here’s the latest bowl that I posted to Etsy (first click to Etsy, others enlarge)…


7 Responses to “Beer Is Food…”

  1. Charles the Potter Says:

    Jim I think you would really enjoy a visit to Zeno’s

    Back in the 70’s and 80’s they were promoting specialty brews when everyone around them only served the major domestics. When I came of Age in the early 90’s I spent a couple hours a night there 4 or 5 days a week after my classes. I’m not much of a drinker, in fact I am allergic to something in beer, so my limit in most cases is 2 before my voice starts to go. Sad thing is it’s worse with the darker brews which I enjoy more than any other.

  2. ron Says:

    Wow!! To the beers and the bowl.

  3. John Dorsey Says:

    I think if you can chew your beer, all the better. Oregon has some tasty brews but they are harder to get up here in the east. I settle for many of the Vermont offerings…

  4. elfriede Says:

    nice to see Ray and Al…and the bottle of EKU…from gerda’s old stomping ground, Kulmbach!

  5. Rob Says:

    Actually in the middle ages beer was considered a food. It was part of a well balanced diet for adults and children alike. It was even safer to drink beer than water in many places. Granted it was much different than what beer is today, but still, historically speaking…

  6. Becky Jo Says:

    That non-see through beer is Brian’s kind of beer. He prefers it to be slightly chewy, like, you have to eat it with a spoon, it’s so thick. 🙂

  7. ang Says:

    well that is thick looking beer…and yey to etsy post are things moving well??

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