Only 2 Bug Days Left Before…

Before xmas or in my case before freedom. It’s a bit bleak today, cold and rainy but not bad considering some of the storms I’ve heard about… and it’s above freezing. So we should have a lovely day fighting traffic with our errands and having lunch at the Red Pooper. You know when you go into the studio to throw and you don’t want to throw anything that you need to throw? So you go ahead and throw some cups even though you don’t want to and then you throw some bowls even though you don’t want to and everything comes out kinda not very good. Then you just say the hell with it and throw some of these things…

So now you have some “vases” you don’t know what to do with and such is trying to get things done around xmas. I think next December I’m gonna just declare it admin month and mail out orders and pursue all the online and computer related things that I never seem to have time for… yeah right, like I’ll have a choice in the matter. Anyway, we’re off for Dad and Sofia day.


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5 Responses to “Only 2 Bug Days Left Before…”

  1. soubriquet Says:

    These are really interesting shapes, they remind me a bit of a film i saw, whilst a student, of the doulton works, making industrial porcelain items. Despite all our advances in fancy plastics, serious grade insulators for really high voltages are still best made from porcelain or glass.
    These guys had 12 foot high, beautiful, sculptural pieces, revolving slowly, a yard or more across at the base, and they were trimming, holding templates to the surface and trimming long curling strips of clay, these things were insulators for 400.000volt transformers.
    And they were beautiful.

  2. Patricia Griffin Says:

    I totally know what you mean! Anyway, the vases look great. Hope “Dad and Sofia Day” was a blast.

  3. ang Says:

    cool bring on the deco….hehehe no crazy tune links this time.. possibly too random!!

  4. carole Says:

    okay, those are seriously fantastic!!!!
    Love Love Love
    I call the one on the left, it’s mine kay?

  5. gary Says:

    Hey, they look cool, and any sign of that chamois again????? I mean, you probably don’t want to use it again but….

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