Xmas Comes A Bit Early…

I don’t get a lot a gifts for xmas and that’s the way I like it… don’t really need anything… except maybe a new sewer system connected to the house or a nice soda kiln in the backyard or if someone could magically make the demon dog stop trying to kill me. She’s a sweetheart really but only sometimes and I’d like to go on record that if I die in the next 3 or 4 years, it’s most definitely her fault. Anyway, I thought that even though I don’t make enough money on pots to actually buy others’ pots that I would treat myself to one gift and just chalk it conveniently up to xmas. Well, the package I’ve been waiting for arrived yesterday and here’s what was inside…

These two beauties I got from Joel over at Fetishghost. I love his work and I love this glaze so much that I unsuccessfully sacrificed several cups trying to get something similar and the verdict was that my firing down profile must help to heal the natural crawly tendency. It was fun experimenting though. Anyway, Joel has it down and every time I look up close at those crawlies it reminds me of how our brains look… not that I’ve seen mine but I’d imagine it’s not that much different from the pictures I’ve seen. So head on over and check out Joel’s pots if you get a hankerin’.


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10 Responses to “Xmas Comes A Bit Early…”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Oh I know!!!! I love these cups that Joel makes. He is really dialed in on the crawly. Nice gift to yourself!

  2. Cindy G. (Dirt-Kicker Pottery) Says:

    I can see why you like his work much. Those are very cool. I’m on my way to check out Joel’s site.

  3. FetishGhost Says:

    Awww shucks! Thanks Jim… I couldn’t fit the new sewer line into the flat rate box…

  4. meredith Says:

    now i am really green.

  5. Alex Solla Says:

    Damn, those are some nice pots. One heck of a Christmas gift. As for that dog… good luck.

  6. ang Says:

    ah super stuff a lil self gifting!!

  7. gary Says:

    Look, Alex is back in action!

  8. Amy H Says:

    shinos are fun. Thanks for the Christmas e-mail card. Merry Christmas!

  9. Jason Says:

    You mean Santa didn’t put a sewer system in your stocking?

  10. elizabeth burtt Says:

    these are gorgeous, I too am a potter who wishes they could afford other potter’s work! Trading has ben My friend thusfar 🙂

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