Come On January…

Blizzard #3 and me without milk again, something tells me that this whole weather thing may not let up in the new year either. Look at my beautiful automobile buried in snow, I guess if I want to try and go anywhere today, I’ll have to spend the morning digging her out and even if I do get her dug out, look at the road surface that’s waiting for me…

Xmas came and went and after this week we’re back to our happy non-holiday existence. I’ll just throw this out there because it sounds so pathetic but we went to an annual party with Mom’s family on xmas eve and when we got home I knew I’d be sick by the morning and I’m still there. I don’t know where it came from because Sofia and Mom aren’t sick but I can’t tell you how pissed off I was when I realized it was inevitable. But xmas morning was fun, especially for Sofia. She got lots of booty and even some more colored pencils… pretty soon she’ll be able to open her own store. I got a homemade card from her and Mom which was as much as I could have wanted. The night before xmas eve, after coming home from having a couple beers with my friend Vern, I took the dog out when we arrived home. Now we have these back porch steps that go down around 6 or 7 feet to the back yard and since Sunglasses is all muscle (actually I’m amazed at how lean she is… not an ounce of fat anywhere), we’ve started to take precautions when descending the steps with her on the leash because she’s been known to bolt after a rodent and run out of leash rope, pulling us toward the stairs.

So now we press the little button on the leash before she starts to run and it seems to work ok but on this night (and I’m sure the beer didn’t have anything to do with it), she went a couple steps down, I pressed the button to halt her halfway down the steps and she stopped… and then unbeknownst to me, she espied a possum lurking frozen in the dark. By this time I had released the leash rope and was starting down the steps. She exploded after the possum like a shot from a cannon and when she reached the leash’s terminus, she yanked me forward and I was able to get both my left and right plantar fasciitis feet to each hit a step before landing on my knees in the mud at the bottom of the steps and continuing forward rolling over on my back. At this point I’m cussing at the dog (who’s ignoring me) and I’m lying prostrate in the mud with my leash hand extended out and the dog is pulling and would’ve actually been pulling me across the ground like in a cartoon if I wasn’t 200 lbs. Even though it was dark and nobody could see, there is something inherently humiliating about lying in the mud after a fall. So, all in all, it was a fun holiday and although I’m sure I wasn’t the one who had the most fun, I’m not sure who actually did. It would have to be a tossup betwixt the bug and the demon. We arrived home on one occasion and here’s how the demon dog celebrated the holidays with her dog bed…

I also changed the blog a little. I got rid of the categories section on the sidebar because I had 100s of posts that were “ceramics” and “miscellaneous” and if I knew when I set them up how useful they could be if done correctly and and how useless they would be if not, I might have come up with something better. Anyway, I thought that a good thing to have, especially for people who are new to the blog and don’t have the time or inclination to wander through older posts looking for something to give them an idea of what goes on, is to have a “Frequently Viewed Posts” section that contains popular posts from the past. I initially based this on the posts that have received the most views and essentially that’s how it remains but I had less traffic in the beginning so there’s a couple older ones that I stuck on there just for the fun of it.


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11 Responses to “Come On January…”

  1. judi tavill Says:

    Ouch on Photo number three!

  2. Becky Jo Says:

    Photo #3 is priceless. You should send it to National Geographic… the bed shredded, the dog standing there all goofy looking, licking her chops. Very nice. 🙂

  3. Charles the Potter Says:

    Hey Jim ya have to train that dog to a leash. You don’t want him to shorten your pottery career by breaking all your bones and give you a concussion while you bounce down the stairs on your head!
    Believe it or not in a day or two you can have sunglasses trotting around with you like a showdog. keep the leash short, and give a couple corrective tugs and the “heel” command every time the dog starts to bolt or tighten the leash. If sunglasses is too strong, get a prong collar and try it with that. it took exactly once for our superpuller “Pepper” to regulate himself. Now a tug with a regular collar works to remind him 98% of the time.

  4. FetishGhost Says:

    Doh, doh, and DOH!

  5. Miri Says:

    Brrr, ouch and oh my! Happy non-holidays to you!

  6. Gordo Says:

    Ouch, falling into the mud is bad enough, but there’s somethign particularly awful about having been pulled there by an animal. Sunglasses licking her chops is pariceless, though. 😉

  7. gary rith Says:

    Jaysus, that dog is cute but what a demon dog alright….

  8. Tracey Says:

    I’m sure none of this was particularly funny to you, but I am laughing out loud reading it! I had a demon dog just like that in college. He would jump out of our second story window, land on the cars below and run away. He once dug a hole in the wall to get into the next apartment to hump the neighbor’s dog! and chewed everything in site! Sorry to laugh at your misery 🙂 Happy 2010….

  9. ang Says:

    ooooh guess it wasn’t the good mud that we all love!!…maybe you ate something that just doesn’t like you ??? couldn’t be the beer!!!

  10. Michael Mahan Says:

    Was the dog frustrated at not having caught the oppossum?

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