The Perfect Gift…

I was reading Becky Jo’s blog yesterday and she was talking about how her Mom had gotten her a jar of these old fashioned buttons as a gift and how this gift was an indication that her Mom knew just the kind of person she was. It reminded me immediately of an event several years ago where my Mom had sent me a gift in the mail and I was talking to her on the phone before the gift had arrived. She was very happy to have found the ideal gift for me, I guess, because maybe I’m not an easy person to get things for. Anyway on the phone she was clear that she was out one day and saw this item and it just called out to her… this is the perfect thing for Jimmy. At the time I remember my curiosity peaked because normally my Mom doesn’t really say anything about gifts except maybe that they are on their way and to expect them in the mail. (Mom, if you’re reading this, the oranges arrived yesterday and Sofia ate 4 as soon as we got them.) I was really beside myself with anticipation much like when you’re single and someone says they’re gonna set you up on a blind date with someone because they met this girl and… she’s perfect for you, the whole time I was talking to her I thought… this is the perfect girl for Jimmy. And no matter how many times they were wrong, I never could help the idea that maybe this time they were right. On one such blind date with a perfect match that had a “crazy” sense of humor and a bit of a “wild” personality at the matchmaker’s home for dinner when I was in my early 30’s, I showed up to meet a girl with applique pumpkins on the chest of her sweater. After an excruciating dinner, sitting on the couch, she relayed a work story to prove how “crazy” she was. Essentially she had purchased a motion activated Santa doll that would go “ho ho ho, merry xmas” when someone got close enough to set off the motion detector and at work, she set it in the doorway to her office and as people walked by in the hall it would do what it was supposed to do. She could barely get through the story because she was laughing too much and kept interjecting statements such as… “I’m always doing crazy things at work!” Not being too socially graceful, I’m sure she didn’t believe me when I acted appropriately impressed by her “wild” story. In retrospect, I realize that the problem was more with my expectations and how the descriptions had allowed me to build up in my mind someone who was probably an impossibility. But I digress, after the big buildup about my Mom’s gift I received one of these…

Actually this one is made of hardwood and I couldn’t find a good picture of one like I got which was made of unfinished poplar. If you haven’t seen one of these before, it has a chamber in the back and you put candy in it and when you lift the moose’s head up, it poops out the candy. I admit that it is funny… a bit… but, this is an item that called out to my mother as the quintessential object made for me?? I decided that my Mom must just think I’m funny and the moose tickled her funnybone and the bond was fused. All this being said, I kept the moose in the kitchen for years and many people found it funny so it turns out my Mom was right. I always imagined having guests over and having them hold their hand under the moose’s ass as I asked politely… “care for some candy?” Anyway, here’s some greenware pics…


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9 Responses to “The Perfect Gift…”

  1. Becky Jo Says:

    Oh, your moose is way fancier than mine. The moose Allison gave me was plastic, and you have to push the whole body down to get the candy. The plastic head is a little top-heavy though, so it doesn’t stand up very well, unless it is full of….. candy. I wonder what that is supposed to mean? 🙂

  2. FetishGhost Says:

    Ya, I love the candy poop’n moose… but I’m wild and crazy like that though.

  3. dan Says:

    Jim, I really enjoy reading your blog! If you give me your address I’d be delighted to send you some cookies…baking has become part of my recovery and I can’t eat them all.

  4. Miri Says:

    Love the B&W treatment for the greenware photos. Those vases are so graceful!

  5. Gordo Says:

    See, I love that moose. I just showed it to my wife: “I need one of these!!” Her response was to ask “Why?” and shake her head. LOL

  6. ang Says:

    haha!! the perfect gif then…i’m just thinking oh dear what is it going to be…pumpkin applique slippers??? lovely pics….

  7. meredith Says:

    yep! I think your Mom and my mother in law would have been great friends.
    She sent Mark a book called “Walter the farting dog”
    is that one t or two….
    We do not have a dog and he is not a dog person.
    It is now being passed around the family as the “Christamas present you most want to have.”

    • jim Says:

      hi meredith, we have 2 walter the farting dog books… imagine that, there’s a series of them. not sure who gave them to us but it wasn’t my mom.

  8. Rob Says:

    Mothers have a way of doing that. My own tends to pick out something someone may have mentioned once, and assume that it is their favorite thing in the world. Thus all gifts for the ensuing months and possibly years revolve around this one thing that was casually mentioned some time ago. They mean well, though. And that moose does have a certain charm to it.

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