Scrabble Rabble Rousin’…

My very good friend, Terry, came over last night for a game of super scrabble in our hopefully never-ending series of knock down drag out contests. This time we were done in a record short time as I think it came in just under 4 hours. We had a couple of my cousin’s home brews and some hippie popcorn too. Here’s a rather studious shot of Terry…

I managed to play out (use all my letters in one turn) three times during the evening. This doesn’t happen often for me and lately I feel that it would be simply impossible to beat Terry without doing so. Here’s the board in question…

As far as yesterday’s post, I have to say that it wasn’t my intention to cast aspersions on the applique sweater but I admit in my younger days to holding snobbish positions against certain kinds of homemade clothing and some manufactured clothing too. When I met Sofia’s mom, she was 23 and when I found out she owned one of those polyester sweatsuits that were so popular in the 80’s/90’s (you know the ones that had elaborate stitching on either side of the zipper and older folks wore for every occasion imaginable), I gave her a playful hard time about it for months claiming that she was wearing old people clothes. She tried to defend herself but one day there was an article in the local newspaper about a couple that had been married forever and had both reached 100 years old. There was a picture of the couple with the man wearing a 3 piece suit and his centenarian spouse sitting next to him in a white polyester sweatsuit with an elaborately stitched design on the top. Of course I cut the picture out of the paper and showed Mom, who gave up her defense of the infamous sweatsuit. When I was a teen, my mother knitted me a coat that was quite heavy, had a lining and a zipper and knitted into the coat on the back was an Indian (native American) with a large headdress of feathers and on the left breast was a brave doing a rain dance. At the time there were these green parkas with fur (or fake fur) lined hoods that were all the rage and almost everyone had them but I had the knitted Indian jacket. Maybe this was the genesis of my aversion to applique sweaters. This leads me to a question for the knitters and I know there are some potters that knit… a lot. Judi Tavill is one and she makes some beautiful pots too. My question is why not some expensive silk or hemp yarn used to make some tight-fitting men’s trousers with no pockets and bell bottoms? Is this taboo?


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19 Responses to “Scrabble Rabble Rousin’…”

  1. dan Says:

    PEDANTY is a word?!

    • jim Says:

      i have to admit that i was just hoping pedanty was a word and terry challenged of course… and luckily my unabridged funk & wagnell’s had it in there. it means… “a group of pedants”. this did not make terry happy as he lost his turn in addition to me being rewarded for fishing.

  2. Cindy G. (Dirt-Kicker Pottery) Says:

    Your post brought back some of the torturous fashion memories of being a preteen and the youngest of 12 children. Funky 70’s hand-me-downs were the norm for me 🙂

  3. ron Says:

    What’s hippie popcorn? Dare I ask?

    • jim Says:

      hey ron, that’s just what we call it… instead of putting butter and salt on it, you mix up some olive oil and lemon juice and then sprinkle brewer’s yeast (or as the health food stores call it… nutritional yeast) on it. a roommate in college used to make it this way and i never stopped.

  4. zygote Says:

    Thanks for answering the “Hippe Popcorn” thing… that one had us going.

  5. meredith Says:

    I could go for some hippie pop corn!
    And about the clothes.
    Mark’s feeling on young folks in sweats is, “did they just give up?”
    In other words is it all over for you, is this it?
    We reserve sweats for sleeping in very cold weather- but now you see people wearing their PJ’s out and about – I think they really gave up.
    About those Christmas sweatshirts or sweaters- what’s up with that.
    I know I will insult someone but I don’t get the theme dress and if you want me to wear something with a brand on it chalk up some cash my way.
    You pay and I will wear it otherwise why aren’t you running around in Whynot Pottery Wear?

    PS there are more Walter books!??!

  6. soubriquet Says:

    Have just had the christmas Scrabble fest, great fun.
    In fact I was thinking of you, and thinking of a scrabble related post too.
    Our games contain a fair bit of bluff too.
    I was priding myself on having got away unchallenged with a word I thought was a bit borderline…. then, to my cost, I found out why my normally merciless little brother had not challenged, when he used it for a 78 point leap to a triple word score. Damn.
    I got beaten by a computer-geek!

    He and I used to share an old cottage with a rather dodgy electrical supply, and on those winter evenings without electricity, we’d play scrabble and chess in front of the fire by candlelight, drinking belgian beers, or port.

    I’d really like to join you guys for a game, I’d bring some good beers.

    • jim Says:

      hi soubriquet, we’d love it if you would join us for a game or two and a beer or two. an old cottage in winter, scrabble and chess by candlelight, belgian beers… it’s like a dream come true. as far as getting beat by a computer geek, ya know, sometimes the letters just don’t fall your way. anyway, the way we play, if mistal is in one of the 2 dictionaries, then it’s a word. pedanty was in the funk and wagnell and wasn’t obsolete but if it is obsolete, i think this might be a fine time for it to make a comeback… seems like you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a group of pedants. Or maybe it could be used like a murder of crows, a gaggle of geese and a pedanty of college professors.

  7. soubriquet Says:

    Pedanty… my dictionary says milton used it. “obs.”
    Could I have “mistal” in your world?

  8. soubriquet Says:

    I’m all for using ancient and obsolete words. What I’m against is some of the the shiny new ones, If they’re of sound parentage and serve to describe something that did not previously exist, like, for instance, n. “taser”, v.”to tase”, that’s cool, but txt, defntly nt.

    Mistal, in my part of England is the cow-house, the milking parlour.
    It’s a usage any north-countryman would know, and southern town dwellers would not.

  9. Loani Says:

    ah yes, Mr Potter Man with The Interesting Woman/Child – I see she is proving me right wot with the live dog drawing.

    As to wearing hand made things – my mother had a woven vest, a South American thing, that she wore all her (subtropical) winters. It was adorned with humping lamas. I’m not sure if her sight was so poorly after all or if it was that recalcitrant girlish streak she was wont to express every now and then. I prefer to think it was the latter.

    And as I always say – TEA POTS! They will not bemoan your hand knitted gift. They are not allergic to wool. They will not complain about the colour. They will not hide their new gifted cosy at the back of a cupboard.

    As for knitted hemp shorts – after flickring (as opposed to googling) I found these wonderful “old fashioned unmentionables” at
    Oldfashioned knit unmentionables

  10. Loani Says:

    Or perhaps you’d prefer a pair of these…

    • jim Says:

      yes… see, that’s what i’m thinking only for adults, finer yarn and skin tight with no pockets. it’d be a hoot to see someone wearing them no?

  11. judi tavill Says:

    Jim,Jim, Jim….ahhhh where to begin? Well…I must knit when I cannot have my hands in clay…PLUS Yarn is soooooo YUMMMY! OK,having been a fashion designer back in the day, I must tell you that that the Polyester Sweatsuit that you are referring to is ACTUALLY known as the NYLON JOGSUIT and was FREQUENTLY accessorized with the coordinating FANNY PACK…AND I must admit: ICK!
    OK…That been said, I think the flatfront trouser WITH bell bottoms in hemp MAY be a fashion breakthrough and sometimes TABOO is just what we need to shake things up…
    HOWEVER…if you come toward me on the street wearing these, there is a good chance that I will RUN…not walk…AWAY from you!

  12. Matt Says:

    I was feeling a little pendanty when I ate too much on Christmas.

  13. Renee Ferguson Says:

    Are you wanting to place an order?
    This must be wishful thinking on your part. Am a potter/knitter and if I knew your mailing address you’d be getting some version of a stretchy, synthetic, wide-bottomed, multi colored jazzy “do” to sport around in when the sun starts shining in your part of the world. And adding your wife’s synthetic sweatsuit (tied around your waist, around your shoulders, zipped all the way up, etc…), could add just the right touch.
    An original from the Brightsideknitter in Oz.
    But fear not, ain’t going to look up your address and at the moment, am enjoying our summer Down Under by doing not very much, that means potting won’t pick up again until next week and knitting the week after;)

    …am a silent follower of your blog and have enjoyed lots of giggles reading about your ‘day to day’–or rather, ‘blog to blog’–adventures.
    Looking forward to more of your wonderful writing tales in 2010.
    Have a Happy, Safe n’ Mello New Year with your lovely family.

  14. ang Says:

    hehehheeeeee… aspersions free for all!!!

  15. ron Says:

    I have some nutritional yeast in the cupboard. I bought it to use in some god awful vegan concoction that I made last year (sorry Gary R.) Anyhow I’ll see if it’s still good and maybe try it on popcorn.

    Speaking of knitted items check this out.

    That mustached guy on the Made in England by Gentleman made me think of this.

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