What The Fork?…

Day 2 of dad and the bug and it truly is cold now… 7 degrees, this is when my pipes freeze and burst and the way things have been going with my plumbing this year, that would be its piece de resistance (<-french) or more accurately my coup de grace (<-french) (don't have it in me to find out how to put accents in there). No laundry for a week or so. So I was talking to my good friend Vern and said I'd really like to have a nice 20" or 24" bat that I could use to flip and trim larger bowls or maybe a larger platter and was wondering if he had a bandsaw that I could go at it with. Vern makes signage freelance and he's quite a perfectionist when it comes to craftsmanship and he volunteered to just make me one. He brought it over yesterday and it's so nice, I'll be hesitant to use it. It's white plexiglas, the holes are perfect to within German tolerances, and he even sanded the edge down as slick as… what, mucous.

Hoping my new motor comes tomorrow although it’s about 35 degrees in my studio. Here’s one of Vern’s digital photo collages (click to enlarge)…


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12 Responses to “What The Fork?…”

  1. Miri Says:

    Cool bat!

  2. soubriquet Says:

    That Vern’s a very good guy!

  3. ron Says:

    Nice bat. Hope you get your wheel repaired soon

  4. gary rith Says:

    Now I get it: your daughter is like an old fashioned cherub, like the old Campbells soup kids!

  5. soubriquet Says:

    I thought she was auditioning for star-trek.

  6. zygote Says:

    mucous???? time for Google… oh.. that’s how you spell mucous. Yew, wish I hadn’t Googled that while making brunch.

  7. ang Says:

    time for a little clean up then while you wait for ya motor…hehehe noice bat man!

  8. Tracey Says:

    Your friend Vern needs to go in to the bat making business, that’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship!

  9. Barbara Edwards Says:

    So nice to have craftmanly perfectionistic friends who make things for you and I’m sure he is happy you can appreciate it so well. I wanted to reach out and touch it before you said that m word.

  10. andrew widdis Says:

    coup de grâce.

    Wish I knew a Vern.
    I need to get a new motor for my wheel too. I have a loner from Uni (Justin (my version of Vern) the technician at Uni. lent me a wheel a month or so ago) Better get onto that this week.
    The weather is sunny and 32°C (90°F) here, and a perfect 23°C (73°F) inside.
    It will be 39°C (102°F) by the end of the week though, and I’ll be wishing I was in your studio.
    A happy, creative and prosperous New Year to you Jim.
    Cheers, Andrew.

  11. Cindy Gilliland Says:

    That is one beautiful bat! Is Vern taking orders yet?

  12. Gordo Says:

    Here I was thinking flying rodent when you said ‘bat’. Imagine my disappointment. 😉

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