Wait, Oh Yes, Wait A Minute Mr. Postman…

Way ay ay ayit Mr. Postman. Please Mr. Postman look and see… if there’s a motor in your truck for me. I’ve been a’standin’ here a waitin’ Mr. Postman… so woe woe (im)patiently, for just card, no just a motor, so I can put it on my whisper, ya see. Oh well, I guess it was a bit optimistic that the new motor would arrive yesterday but I thought it was possible. Maybe a good thing, although I need to get going, but when I went in the studio to uncover the furnace vent (which I cover during the weekend bug days because I can’t work then) I happened to see that the water in my bucket was frozen with a sponge frozen inanimate in the block of ice. Then I immediately went upstairs and started looking at those quartz infrared portable heaters that I can’t afford on the internet… I was so close. It’s really not that big of an inconvenience but one of the great things about enlarging my studio space a while back was that I can stay throwing for 3 times longer than before because I have 3 times the amount of space to fill up before moving on to the next phase, which in my case is a very long decorative phase. I’ve noticed that after a week or so, I get into my stride and things flow more easily. Consequently, I’m more concerned about breaking this stride than anything else as I have plenty of work that could be decorated now. So my short term solution until said motor arrives and this cold snap eases up a little is that I cleaned off the table upstairs (the warmest part of the house) adjacent to the computer and hope to do some resist work basking in the relative toasty-ness of that wee nook. The computer being within eyeshot and earshot will be a blessing and a curse because I can jam using itunes but if I see that little “1” next to the email tab alerting me of a new message, it will probably distract me until I see what it is. My table is covered with a big piece of drawing paper and as soon as Sofia saw that open white space (the 6″ along the edge was already filled), she went to town.

While cleaning off the table I found this…

I’m so glad we did this because it’s amazing how quickly you forget how tiny your kids were way back 5 years ago plus it was good to get some kind of documentation of her hand before she grew a fourth finger. I actually did several of these that are around the house and some have broken. Sofia was none too happy about me smashing her hand into the porcelain but she survived. Here’s a couple others…

This one’s on the inside of her bedroom door. I dipped it in glaze and she put some slip and glaze in the big toes and other places…

The beer I poured last night had an out of control head on it. I ended up bringing it to the table and dribbling more beer in every time the head deflated a bit. At one point while Sofia was sitting across from me, I poured some in and the foam rose up about 2 inches above the rim of the glass. Sofia looked up from her meal, saw it… her eyes got big and she said…. ice cream!


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11 Responses to “Wait, Oh Yes, Wait A Minute Mr. Postman…”

  1. Ignatius Widiapradja Says:

    Love the drawing and tiles.

  2. Michael Says:

    Is that the Captain and Tennille I hear playing in your head? or is that the Carpenters? oh, wait…I’m guessing it’s the Marvelletes or the Beatles version.

    Anyway, I’m glad I’m not the only one scouring the internet for space heaters. After Dan’s post last week I’m on the hunt for Mr. Heater! I’m tired of monitoring buckets of slip/glaze, bins of clay, and house plants from freezing. This is the first winter in my studio with such things. Last year I was still building at this time.

    I made similar tiles of the girls feet and hands, but then realized that the clay shrunk a lot during the firing! Oh, well. They’re still great relics! But where they are now, I can’t say!

  3. Kitty Shepherd Says:

    I love the three fingered hand, it should have gone off in an early NASA space mission, much more friendly to place your hand into it, and gives SO much more information there than the lavatory signs they actually blasted into outer space.

  4. gary rith Says:

    mon ami…le beers….

  5. meredith Says:

    I hold you personally responsible for the ear worm!
    Not only that but I flipping back and forth between different artist thanks to MK!
    I am trying to settle into the Beatles.
    Hope your package comes soon!

  6. Tracey Says:

    I remember making one of these handprints with a friend of mine. Pressing that little hand into the clay felt like we were going to break all the bones. It’s not as easy as it looks! Sadly I wasn’t into clay when Wes was little but I do have ink prints with a cute poem to go with them.

  7. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Hope it comes tomorrow – the sooner the better.
    It was so thoughtful of Sophia to decorate your table covering.
    The lovely 3 fingered tile has the look of an important artifact.

  8. ang Says:

    ahhh the postie is holding out on your end too….! i happened to be at the end of my driveway the other day and heard him coming on his scooter, nothing else sounds like the posties scooter…! so i waited and asked when he arrived do you have anything for me??… have you been good??? he replied…..

  9. Cindy Gilliland Says:

    My Little Girls are almost 29 & 30. When I come across handprints or footprints it helps me remember that they weren’t always pains in the kazoo.. LOL.. Just kidding 🙂 I love them to pieces. Keep those keepsakes safe!

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