Ergonomic Beer Drinking…

Sometimes I decry the lack of clay beer drinking vessels and even though in some fine taverns that specialize in beer there are usually nice porcelain pilsner glasses up on the shelf, I think most people, including the proprietors, feel they are for decorative purposes. It’s no mystery why really because one of the joys of a full glass of ale is the color of the brew in all its golden or amber splendor and this is most easily appreciated by looking through a glass container. Although this is probably an insurmountable problem, I started thinking that if you wanted people to drink beer out of porcelain, said porcelain would have to offer something that the glass did not and since transparency isn’t an option… maybe switch senses from visual to tactile. So here you go, a beer glass that fits your hand like a glove…

Shrinkage is going to be a problem along with the likely possibility that after firing, my reaction will be… what was I thinking? I try not to edit ideas too much on the front end. Maybe today I’ll add little bumps to the part where your hand touches to add a bit of tactile gripping power… this could serve the added ability to prevent dropping and spilling your beer as you start to get a bit tipsy. What a difference a day makes, yesterday…

And today…

Apparently the storm was so intense that it spun a couple of the cars around right where they sat and even blew some away. On a more serious note, about 4 o’clock I heard the strangest noises and they woke me up. They sounded like little servo motors making minute hydraulic adjustments. After considering and abandoning the ideas of aliens outside of the house readying for an abduction or a small urban tank training its turret on my house, I figured it was my imagination or that I dreamt it. Then Mom said… “did you hear that weird noise?” The noise stopped and while I waited for my next opportunity to hear it and figure out what it was, I fell asleep. This morning I looked out front and there was no evidence of aliens or tanks and I came upstairs to do this. Then I heard the noise again and Mom yelled upstairs… did you hear that? I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and she said she couldn’t either but my best guess is that my pipes are freezing. As hard as it may be for some northerners to believe, we have not had this long of a period of sustained below freezing temperatures since I’ve lived here (19 years) and although the water line coming into the house is copper, most of the lines in the unheated basement are pvc. So, I’m bracing myself for another extremely unpleasant saga whilst hoping it doesn’t occur but the temps aren’t supposed to peak above freezing until Monday. I was thinking of just running the kiln but not sure if that would work since it would be empty. No rest for the wicked, I guess.


10 Responses to “Ergonomic Beer Drinking…”

  1. Andrew Douglas Says:

    I think that beer mug’s excellent – I might have to pinch that idea, as I was going to make some next week. I always drink beer from clay – I am convinced the taste is different. And I prefer the tactile nature of the clay too. Don’t get me wrong, I love glass and have a reasonably large collection – for wine, nothing else will do – but for beer/whisky/sake it has to be a pot.

    Also, I have been hearing strange noises in the night too…. hmmm, I hope my pipes aren’t about to go too…

  2. Gordo Says:

    Wonderful mug!

    Water pipes can make the strangest noises at times. The freezing one is the worst, though. Well. Better than the running water sound that comes after it blows, but you know what I mean. 😉

  3. gary rith Says:

    My man, we have been pounded with snow and I bet your relatives up the road even more so. Sheesh! probably George W Bush’s fault, per usual.
    The drinking vessel amigo would probably fit YOUR hand like a glove, the rest of us would have to be sized 🙂

  4. Peter Says:

    Happy New Year to you (I hope!). A bit ominous with those grumbling pipes. Snow photos most impressive. Those beer mugs are a really fun idea, and good to have something like that to hold onto other than a handle and a table top… or wall!

  5. Tracey Says:

    I ain’t drinkin’ no beer from no clay cup! Tried it, didn’t like it! and it was even a beautiful cup made my Hollis. I do, however, love drinking wine from clay cups. Good idea though, so if you have had too much beer you know exactly where your hand goes to hold on to your glass 🙂 I also agree that looking at that beautiful amber is a plus, maybe an amber glaze to trick the eye, hmmmmm…….

  6. soubriquet Says:

    I for one, think that’s just a truly excellent idea.
    I think I might need a smaller hand.
    Will you be doing a left handed version? Not that I am sinistral, but I have sympathies for our mirror-imaged friends. Mind you, when I see myself in a mirror, he (my altered ego) seems to have figured it out, can write left handed.
    I’ve always liked beer drinking vessels to have a handle though, I hold them as you do there, but the fingers go through the handle….
    So why a handle, you ask?
    Because of that sneaking tendency beer glasses have, after they’ve been refilled a few times, to slip vertically out of your hand. I thought of one maybe with attachments for a cord, so if it escaped the hand it couldn’t go far. But gf of the time pointed out that if my beer contaner had got that uppity…
    a: it would probably deposit its contents all over me anyway, and
    b: “Come on Buster, it’s time we got you home”.
    Women can be so perceptive. And cruel. No matter how much I tried, I could never persuade her that a good session of beer-drinking was vessel oriented research… Hm. I’ll bet that could be tax-deductible too!

  7. soubriquet Says:

    Hey! By the way, I like how you did those spliced left/right photos!

  8. Patricia Griffin Says:

    From beer mugs to freezing pipes… I’m definitely coming back to read how all this turns out!

  9. Janet Holson-Mazzer Says:

    Very original idea. Only potters could come up with a design of something that is lacking in the world. I love it!

  10. josh Says:

    this is a really cool mug, are these available for sale? If so, how much? and how much would it cost to ship to Cambridge, ON, CA?

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