Mode d’Hiver…

In an ongoing series of 5 year old conversations… a recent addition. When we go to the Red Pooper, Sofia and I are usually either the first to get there or second but mostly first. I usually allow her to choose where she’d like to sit and even if someone’s there before us, she normally doesn’t choose to sit next to them. Anyway, two people were sitting at a table along the edge of the room, a young man and an older woman. When we entered, Sofia indicated that she wanted to sit at the adjacent table and I said no, we’re sitting on the opposite side of the room. No, I wanna sit there… too bad, we’re sitting over here… no, dad, I wanna sit over there… I said too bad. This goes back and forth a time or two more and changes to, why do we have to sit over here? I say, well, I don’t want to listen to their conversation and I don’t want them to have to listen to our conversation, which is true because sometimes Sofia forgets her restaurant voice and needless to say, the distance between tables gives us a bit of a buffer. Anyway, I’m just attempting to be a little considerate. So we sit where I say and by the time we’re seated, she’s moved on to other things… or has she? While I’m putting coats on chairs and moving things on the table to accommodate coloring books and markers, Sofia’s gawking at the table across the room. When I realize this, I follow her stare and realize that the young man is speech impaired and both he and the woman have been signing to each other the whole time. Sofia says to me, they haven’t said a word since we got here. I say, well yes, I know. That man cannot speak. Sofia: why not? Me: Well some people cannot speak, sometimes they’re born that way but there are other reasons. Sofia: Why can’t he? Me: I’m not sure but we have chords in our throats that vibrate and make noise, this is how we are able to talk and maybe his don’t work. Sofia: Thinks. Me: See how they are using their hands? Sofia: yeah Me: That’s how they talk to each other without using their voice. Sofia: Thinks and stares. Me: OK, now, stop staring at them. Sofia: So now we can move over there and sit at the table I said before. Me: No. Sofia: But we can’t hear them talk. Me: I know, but we’re sitting here. Sofia: You said we couldn’t sit there because you didn’t want to hear them and we can’t hear them. Me: Sofia, we are not going to move, drop it… and she did. I’m always amazed by this child lawyer routine. Anyway, even though I know it’s impossible, when we got home yesterday I tried to do a little decorating since I’m upstairs and this is where Sofia plays because it’s so cold downstairs. I didn’t get anything done to speak of but for a while I could hear her in our room contentedly singing and playing (this is one of my favorite noises). She likes to jump on the bed and look into the mirror that’s behind the dresser that’s next to the bed. After a bit I peaked in to see what she was up to today and she was modeling the latest winter fashion, I grabbed the camera and got a couple shots…


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14 Responses to “Mode d’Hiver…”

  1. Judy Shreve Says:

    love the pink babushka — I’d say that in sign language but never learned how!

  2. gary rith Says:

    Oh Jim, that kid is the absolute best 🙂

  3. Miri Says:

    That girl can accessorize! 🙂

  4. jen Says:

    Oh, those are some great shots! Aydan is here looking at Sofia’s photo. She said that is a silly hat…
    I could just see where that story was taking us and many times have said the same exact thing. Just imagine trying to get 3 children away from other tables! I think I’m in need of a good kid story soon on my blog…
    Hows the dog this week?

  5. mike Says:

    The bug is pretty darn cute.

  6. ron Says:


  7. zygote Says:

    I think I’ll step up my accessorizing this winter with one of those fuzzy pink things… do you think they come in purple though?

  8. meredith Says:

    That is one hot bag and hat.
    the girl knows how to dress!
    Great story.
    Great kid and pretty darn fantastic dad.

  9. Jason Says:

    What a sweetie.

    I still don’t understand where the Red Pooper is, though.

  10. Amy H Says:

    great story…. I like her determination!

  11. Cindy Gilliland Says:

    I think it’s great that Sofia was intrigued with sign language! I’m fluent in sign, as my 4 year old twin grandsons are hearing impaired. Reilly is completely deaf and Keegan is deaf in one ear. We all sign like crazy 🙂

  12. Barbara Edwards Says:

    My favorite line in this post – amidst my chuckles and smiles with Sofia’s logic and darling fashion poses – was the one about hearing Sofia’s contented playing sounds being your favorite noises. Aw, I remember those days.

  13. John Dorsey Says:

    Ah, yes, pink. We know a bit about that color in my house. It has amazing staying power. (Pinkalicious would be a great book for Sophia if you don’t have it already…)

  14. judi tavill Says:

    She’s really got “it”!

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