Long In The Tooth…

Big thanks to everyone that wished me and Jeff well on the upcoming exhibition… it really is amazing! It’s kinda crazy when I think about how I’ve only been doing this blog for less than a year and virtually didn’t know any of you just that short time ago. I guess mentioning this support will no doubt be part of whatever I write for the blogging show as to why I blog. Anyway, thanks… and I feel the pressure. Last weekend with the bug I woke disheveled and caught a glimpse of the old dude in the mirror and thought… looking a bit long in the tooth. Maybe it’s the unruly white beard… duh, ya think? I said to Sofia, I think I’m gonna shave and she just said ok and kept on playing. So I decided to get a laugh (maybe) out of her and shaved off one side and left the other alone…

When she saw it her eyes lit up and I could see those little gears in there turning. Apparently what she was thinking was along the lines of, hey, I didn’t realize this was an option. We had our little fun and we took a couple flattering pictures with my beat up reading glasses and then I said, ok, I’m gonna finish shaving. She practically begged me to leave it that way and I told her Mom wouldn’t go anywhere with me if I left it like that. She seemed to think that was an acceptable downside of having a half-shaven dad. Well, it’s supposed to be a high of 36 today, finally peaking above freezing… hurray, we can do a load of laundry. The advantage of a long sub freezing cold spell is that now that it’s above freezing again, the studio seems almost balmy even though it’s in the high 50’s in there. It’s practically spring-ish and tomorrow I’d almost be convinced that spring was coming early if it weren’t for the hangle of the sun. So here’s another beer glass with custom handprint…


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13 Responses to “Long In The Tooth…”

  1. gary rith Says:

    Funny thing is, it is in the 20s today, a lot warmer, and the studio is 54 inside and I was working in there a couple hours just now and it DOES feel warmer (than last week when it was in the 40s in side the studio).
    Anyway, isn’t there a comic book villan with a half face like yours???? Your daughter is the most hysterical kid, she really is…

  2. kyle Says:

    I wish I could work in the studio…winter here is tough to get anything really accomplished inside the studio…way too cold even with the corn stove and small wood stove…takes hours to warm it up and once your done…well, its back to the deep freeze.
    Congrats on that show with Jeff Campana…sounds great…the half face thing was a good look but probably smart to shave the rest…

    also, thanks for the kind words about my new stuff…I am going to check out that jimson weed you were talking about…and I do not know why those images will not enlarge…I think my blogspot needs viagra.

  3. thecapricorntm Says:

    Jim, I’m a bit intrigued by the vessel form of the beer glass you’re doing.

    I live in Belgium and thus I’m alway interested in new design, could we have a pic of the interior of the glass ? I have a little doubt about the curve you gave to it.

  4. Henhouse Pottery Says:

    I liked the half-shaven look, and am a little sad that you didn’t go out in public just to see what types of responses you’d get. πŸ™‚

  5. Cindy Gilliland Says:

    Jim.. You are such a fun Dad πŸ™‚ The beer glasses are wild cool!

  6. Barbara Edwards Says:

    My mother always told me not to touch everything I see, but when looking at your pots, I often want to be able to reach in and feel the surfaces. My hand is itching to pick up that beer mug.

    I don’t know that your new facial hair experiment is any more radical than “the chin strip” style. It just needs a little time to catch on.

  7. ang Says:

    ha haaaa brilliant… love it and you have a captive audience to chuckle along with you…oooh you have to write for the bloggers show..mmm do ya think a video would do it,? they come much easier to me!!!!

  8. meredith Says:

    I saw a picture of myself today taken at the school and I THOUGHT, “That women needs a face lift and a dye job!”
    You are far from long in the tooth!
    And your pots are wonderful and I can not wait to pick one up.

  9. elfriede Says:

    Are those pint size? I’ll bet those mugs would be a big hit here in Portland with all of the micro drinkers……..

  10. Albertus Says:

    Okay, now shave off the hair on the left side of your head! I’m sure Sophia would like that too! Congrats on the show with Jeff. Enjoyed your blog as always.

  11. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Hey Jim! I’m catching up with my blogger friends and wanted to give you a great big shout-out “YAHOOOO!” for your upcoming show. That’s very, very cool! Congrats!

  12. Varda Says:

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for taking the time to give me such kind advices. Yes, blogging is a way to get feedback, to our work of art.; in this huge world, it seems that getting to know more and more friends, even if it only virtually friends, makes it easier to survive.
    I visit your blog almost every day, and enjoy reading it very much.

  13. judi tavill Says:

    love this glass!!!!

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