Bring Out Your Dead…

On Thursday, my friend here in town that keeps bees called me around dinner time and told me that because it was pretty warm out he looked in his hive and all his bees were dead. From what he described this is what had happened to me last year and when spring came I found the same apian remains in the bottom of my hive. So yesterday it was 55 here and I went out to see if I might spot some life. I gingerly stepped over the soggy, muddy minefield of dog poop and when I got to the hive… bees! They are alive, at least some of them and at least so far. There are a lot of dead ones by the portal and I’m not sure if they just died there of if there’s some house cleaning going on as the girls do bring out the dead…

Anyway, this news was as good as I could have hoped for relating to bees. I cleaned the dead out of the doorway and the bottom of the feeder, went and got some corn syrup, cleaned the feeder itself and gave them some syrup. In my mind I figured what’s more unhealthy than corn syrup… maybe high fructose corn syrup and what store popped into my head… Walmart. Ironically, I go to the corn syrup section and all they have is “Lite” corn syrup and I thought… what, Walmart’s gone healthy now? Not only was it “Lite” but it had vanilla flavoring… I’m not sure they realize that they are definitely going to lose their beekeeping customers. So the good news is the bees are alive! I got a solid 9 hours of work in yesterday and met up with Jeff Campana for beers and talked clay for some time. Today and tomorrow are dad and bug days and we’re off in about an hour.


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4 Responses to “Bring Out Your Dead…”

  1. ang Says:

    oh yey, we need the bees!!! nice work mr b keeper!!!

  2. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Hurray for strong bees and the ones who feed them through the winters.

    The ladies I get my honey from here in town lost all their bees last winter even though it does not ever get very cold. They were mystified after 30some years of beekeeping.

  3. Linda Says:

    Let me encourage you to make your own sugar syrup – much healthier for the bees than any version of corn syrup. Some of the CCD work is pointing to corn syrup (which is high fructose corn syrup) as one of the culprits. At this time of year you make it 2:1 sugar to water. Heat the water to boiling and then stir in the sugar until it dissolves.

  4. Keith Says:

    My wife gina has two hives and feeds them sugar water as well instead of corn syrup. The warm weather here had the hives bustling with activity as well, we were glad to see them since they’d been cooped up for a month or so.

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