The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease…

Or in this case the greased wheel is kept from getting the squeak. I decided to move my resist stuff back down to the studio yesterday because it was gonna be sunny and 52 and the sun never peaked out and the temp never got past 40 or 41. No problem though, I was gonna skip the decorating and do some throwing on my recently refurbished and exceedingly quiet whisper wheel but changed horses in the middle of the stream. I did get that silicone grease applied around the axle…

I had a bit of touchup with shellac and once I started, I just kept going and never got back to the wheel. Got quite a bit of tedious work done though, here’s three views of the same bowl with 2 coats of resist but not etched the second time yet…

Here’s another beer glass sans the big handprint but ready to bisque…

Gonna try for another long full day today, which is shorthand for not spending too much time on the computer and not checking email every once in a while and not checking facebook every once in a while or tweets… never thought it would be that difficult.


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8 Responses to “The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease…”

  1. Gordo Says:

    Just how much beer does that glass hold, Jim? Wow. 🙂

    • jim Says:

      hey gordo… i have no idea. i’ve never made them before and with my 12-13% shrinkage, i’m just kinda winging it. it seems really big now and it will probably end up seeming just a little small. i’m curious to find out though.

  2. Michael Says:

    It does seem I am distracted more and more with blog, FB, twitter, emails. I’m reading/writing this when I should be gettiung the clay out.

    But there is always something that seems so urgent that must be done, like sending images for a show in May , today! But where did I put that CD…

    Have a great day, Jim!

  3. cindy shake Says:

    Lovely pieces! The detail work you do really sets your work apart and is very original. Yes, I too have had to exercise computer restraint… it’s fun to read about other studio’s, work, projects, issues etc. much more fun than crankin’ out the production! Sort of like taking a 3-hr. lunch EVERY DAY!

  4. gary rith Says:

    Love ya Jim 🙂

  5. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Man, you are one patient person.

  6. pru morrison Says:

    Its great this work jim,congrats on the 2 man show too

  7. Supersillyus Says:

    ooo that’s cool

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