Earl Grey On A Gray Day…

In a rare occurrence, Mom grabbed the camera and took a couple pictures. As it turns out the wee dog-ravaged love seat that I appropriated for the studio is the absolute most popular place in the whole house. I guess Mom thought it was cute or funny and went and got the camera. This is where I’ve been for days and usually as soon as I sit down the dog comes in and a bit later the bug comes in and they have a little tiff to jockey for position… and there they sit. It seems obvious to point out that as well as being tedious, my activity requires a somewhat steady hand and trying to maintain said hand with the bug squirming, jumping, getting a new magic marker, jostling the dog, craning to look out the window, etc. is akin to attempting to drink coffee on a trampoline. But I like the company so that’s what we do (notice that dad has 4 shirts and a neckwarmer on and the bug has one thin shirt and bare feet)…

After drawing for about an hour, Sofia was out of activities that could be done on the couch while trying to be still. I said, let’s have some tea. So I made some Earl Grey in my Joel cup and Sofia had already decided that Matt’s cup that I got Tuesday was hers (she decided this because she thinks that any mail that arrives in a box is for her) so I made her some chamomile tea in Matt’s cup. We sat on the love seat waiting for the tea to cool enough to drink and when she picked up Matt’s cup the first thing she said was… I like this handle, it has a little bump for your thumb. After that she kept holding it with her thumb against the bump and saying, I really like this cup. When she finished her tea, she asked if she could share my tea and I poured half of my Earl Grey in her mug. She liked the Earl Grey and for the next hour and a half periodically went to the kitchen to get Mom to brew her 4 more cups of tea which she drank while I worked (there were several pee breaks in there as you may well imagine). Her we are and this is her fake smile…


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10 Responses to “Earl Grey On A Gray Day…”

  1. gary rith Says:

    BUG! JIM! DINGUS!!!!

  2. mike Says:

    Drizzly day here, earl grey sounds good. I’ve come down with a cold, probably from running around in a thin t shirt and barefeet!? Great to see you in action!

  3. cindy shake Says:

    That photo of the three of you is just as my mom always says, “T.C.!” (too cute!!) As a home studio, artmaking parent, keeping the offspring occupied (and not to resort to videos) is always the first order of the day 🙂

  4. judi tavill Says:

    I love it… I don’t know how you do it… My little guy had a little rug he did art on in my studio while I worked…I got him a REAL sketch book and he liked that…I miss it…I wonder if I can get him to hang out there again…he’s 9 1/2. Hmmm

  5. meredith Says:

    makes me want to join you all on that “love’ seat and drink hot tea.
    I love your pots, but you know i have a soft spot for your Sofia.
    I know she will go out one day and do great things!
    (after she sneaks your car keys and all that jazz……)

  6. Tracey Says:

    That is a photo to frame! Wish my girl had been on the sofa with me, she is off driving ALONE in MY van. See what you have to look forward to?

  7. ang Says:

    man you look cold, cool setting and all that…ah does that mean sectet santa arrived? woohoo!!… i had the pleasure of drinking from some of matts mugs at dougs place, such a lovely thing to be sipping tea from blog buddies cups..

  8. jen Says:

    Such a nice read! Enjoy that tea…jen

  9. ron Says:

    Love reading your posts Jim.

  10. marielle Says:

    Love these pictures!! I can so relate: frozen, bundled up, 2 dogs to fit next to me and pet – at least my boys are off to school and college.
    Your work is beautiful as always! Amazing shapes! (And thanks for checking in:)

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