Playoffs/Club 52/Wee Towns…

I am not a sports fan anymore and never really was much of one… I usually watch the super bowl, world series, a bit of the NCAA basketball tournament and when Jordan was still playing some of those playoffs too. I am currently unable to work up any enthusiasm for much of any of it. All that aside, when I was 10 years old and I still hung out with my cousin Rand, who brews all the beer, a friend of his father went to see the Minnesota Vikings play in their first playoff game, I believe, and he brought back a souvenir football that was really signed by the whole team including the great Joe Kapp. This was all we needed for the Vikings to be the team we cheered for and I did cheer for them until well after my college years. If you are a Vikings fan, then you know that that is the equivalent of being a Boston Red Sox fan (at least until recently) because they have reached the playoffs 26 times and have yet to win a superbowl. For the last 15 or 20 years, I totally ignore the NFL season and late in the season if the Vikings have a good record, I might tune in. This has become a joke with a friend of mine that it is in fact my viewing over the years that has jinxed this team and if they’re doing well and they lose suddenly, the next time he sees me, he’ll say… you watched the game didn’t you? So inasmuch as I can cheer for anyone, I guess I’m for the Vikes today and maybe they’ll reach the superbowl again and of course, if they lose, I take full responsibility. Sofia has been “building” lately and “making towns” as she calls them, here’s a little tailgate party around a campfire just in time for the game…

The diversity around this campfire is indicative of the diversity of her entire towns… with Winnie, Tigger, Smurf, California Raisin, Homey, Mickey and a Turkey. Here’s her town…

Friday night was the second installment of Club 52 and we met at another pub for brews. Here’s the birthday boy, Jeff, in the first pic and then Al and Ray in the second picture…

Jeff grew up her in KY but only moved back a few years ago. He taught ceramics in Arizona in Tempe until he moved back. I wish I had some pictures of some of his pieces but I don’t… he did, however, give me this last year which instead of being about throwing off the hump, he called it “Ride the hump potter boy”…

Yesterday, Sofia wanted to “build” again, so we decided to build a little town in the bookcase, here’s that town…


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10 Responses to “Playoffs/Club 52/Wee Towns…”

  1. gary rith Says:

    Club 52…you lucky dawg…..

  2. Heidi Says:

    It looks like you having a budding architect on your hands! Adorable.

  3. ron Says:


  4. elizabeth burtt Says:

    that’s awesome! what a creative kid!

  5. meredith Says:

    Mark has the game on , I am reading blogs- but I would rather come over and play with Sofia!

  6. Barbara Edwards Says:

    A city planner! With neighborhood groupings and happy inhabitants. Are there stories to go along with the set-ups?

  7. Eugene Hon Says:

    It looks more like art installations to me. Great prospect for the future – the lines, forms and shapes are all there – building block for a great artistic future. Jim may the best team win – I am a sports fanatic. Luv tennis, Australian Open at the moment, Soccer, normally watch the Barclays English premier league matches. Then sometimes I watch Cricket. Golf is not too bad. British Open or Augustas masters wow. But my favourite is Formula One. Rugby world cup tournaments and sevens is also fun. I however play badminton – Played premier league and provincial – making the veterans once and twice in a row the masters team. We won the veterans tournament the year I played for my province so there you go. Sport is a great inspiration

  8. Dawn Says:

    I see you wached the game………

  9. Dawn Says:

    or is that watched…….

  10. Loani Says:

    I’m off to build in my book shelves. Yep that’s what I’m gunna do. Right now.

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