Squirrelly Decisions…

I was sitting there last week looking at this bowl and trying to decide whether this was gonna be one that was decorated on the inside or the outside. This is usually an easy decision but even though I feel pressed for time and have miles to go before I sleep I decided… to do both inside and out. Sometimes I feel like a sucker for punishment but in the end I think the bowl will come out more like what I want and I guess that’s the bottom line for now. So here’s the bowl in question, inside/outside/both…

After finishing that on Friday, I figured I’d had enough of the shellac for a while and got back on the wheel yesterday and man, is that thing ever quiet! Dreamy. I happened to see Sunglasses (Dingus) looking out the window like she was about to burst at the seams and there was a squirrel trying to get a partially full jar of peanut butter up the tree to its nest. That rodent was probably in hawg heaven… talk about hitting paydirt. I tried to get a pic of it with it on its head but he dropped it and ran. Damn city squirrels…

Oh and by the way, can you tell that I watched the game… my apologies to Minnesota.


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18 Responses to “Squirrelly Decisions…”

  1. Dolita Says:

    The bowl is exquisite Jim!
    I kind of wonder how the squirrel was figuring on getting the peanut butter out of the bottom of the jar. That would have been a great pic! As it is, the pic of the squirrel carrying the jar is hilarious.

  2. Judy Shreve Says:

    Love the bowl – inside & out! What a great photo of that squirrel. My sister used to always ask ‘what’s the difference between a squirrel and a rat?’ — marketing! ha ha ha.

    And I thought of you at the end of that game — poor Favre – if he only knew it was all your fault.

  3. Miri Says:

    Ahhh…the magic of AND. Great Bowl.

  4. Ben Says:

    Sweet bowl! I can’t believe Dingus didn’t bust a hole in the wall to get at the squirrel. The peanut butter would be like icing on a cake ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Tracey Says:

    LOVE IT! Bowl & Squirrel pi ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. meredith Says:

    We are fighting Squirrels who are trying to chew up the house- maybe I need to give them peanut butter instead.
    Mark is going Elmer Fudd on me here!
    Love the bowl!

  7. Teresa Burnett Says:

    how long does it take to apply your motif on the inside of the bowl? Are those under glazes? Probably not for soda?

    • jim Says:

      hi teresa… the black lines are underglaze and the pots go to ^6 ox. i would probably do soda if i had soda

  8. Henhouse Pottery Says:

    The bowl is gorgeous, can’t wait to see the finished product!

    Those squirrel pics had me laughing. We had a ferret when we were first married that would try to steal my husband’s Coleman lunch box and drag it under the couch. We’d hear “thump thump thump” as it banged under the edge, but wouldn’t fit under.

  9. gary rith Says:

    that is like WONDER SQUIRREL although I bet Dingus could climb a tree

  10. ron Says:

    Ha. Too funny w. the squirrel. Great bowl. Whew. that’s a lot of work.

  11. adacole Says:

    Love your blog and your work. Really need a permanent link to your etsy store at the bottom of each post. I read in google reader and can’t seem to find your shop again. Thanks!

    • jim Says:

      hi adacole… glad you like the work, there’s a link to my etsy store in the right hand column under “buy pots…”

  12. Barbara Edwards Says:

    All the black lines are underglaze? You are one patient man. But the results are fantastic.

  13. Varda Says:

    whenever someone gets into the gallery and checks bowls, he/she always lift it up and turns it over to see the outside, even if the bowl is a shallow one. that’s makes me wonder if “our” logical argument is right at all?

  14. Diane Says:

    I adore that bowl…. it really is loveliness itself. As for squirrels we have loads of them ’round our place as well. They ransack the birdfeeders, terrorize the birds and drive my 10yo son bonkers. He has the job of filling the birdfeeders so I suppose his prejudice is not without cause.

  15. The Scottie Chronicles Says:

    Whoa! What a great looking bowl! But the best part of your post is the SQUIRREL PHOTOS! You stopped over at my blog, so I thought I’d stop over at yours. And there it is: A DREADED SQUIRREL! Lemme at ‘im. I’ll rid your place of squirrels in no time. Roo Roo, Stuart

  16. Connie Says:

    Hi Jim
    I love your work, it’s gorgeous. I just found your blog. I love seeing your work in progress. Are you doing the surface decoration with varnish? I would love to see pictures of you applying the texture.

    We moved to a brand new neighbor with new trees, no squirrels yet. I missed their shenanigans, our old have was in a very old neighborhood, with lots of squirrels. Molly the golden retriever, had to find a new hobby.

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