Someone’s Been Productive…

I’ve been trying to get some throwing done this week and it’s cold in the morning but by afternoon it’s fine. The lure of the music, the clay and hanging out with her dad has made my studio companion spend a lot of time over the last couple days making her tiles and stuff. I get a big kick out of it because I really don’t monitor her activity except to keep her from getting into things she shouldn’t like black slip or whatever else… she just stands at the banding wheel cutting slices off of a block of clay and singing. She’s coming down with something (which I hate) and when I came up to go to bed last night, it sounded like Darth Vader was in her bunkbed… major congestion. I really really really don’t want to catch this but a part of me knows that I will. Anyway, here’s some of Sofia’s new tiles…

Before I got out the wet clay for her she piddled for quite some time and kept bringing me these little rubber banded collections of dry clay that was lying around. They all had writing and drawings on them with a regular pencil and I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the rubber bands and the pencil work would not make it through the firing because she was having so much fun.

I managed to get a bunch of bowls made with the splishy splashy slip on them…


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18 Responses to “Someone’s Been Productive…”

  1. Ben Says:

    I love the tiles!! Do you think Genevieve is too young to start working with clay? She would just try to eat it though…ah well!

    • jim Says:

      hi ben, she might be but if you can watch her, she should be fine. the clay will be eaten though. sofia was still putting clay in her mouth when she was 4… it’s good for you though

  2. gary rith Says:

    I remember the day I found out directly that porcelain does NOT taste like cream cheese, despite similar appearance! Hope you guys feel better 🙂

  3. Tracey Says:

    What a great idea, love the tiles. I wish I was still teaching kid’s classes, Sophia would be a great source of inspiration for me! I have had to stop doing kid’s classes because I got everything from them and stayed sick so much of the time, it was really wearing me out. I miss it a lot and hate it when asked to do a workshop and I have to say no. But, I haven’t been sick in a year now! I used to have kids add things I knew wouldn’t make it in the firing and like you I didn’t have the heart to tell them at first, but then I decided to tell them gently so they would learn. So, ask Sophia a question for me…. I am going to do the Farmer’s Market again this year and lots of parents bring their children because there are lots of kids activities there. I made necklaces for a group of kids last year that had their token $5 each market. I can’t do that again this year because they already have so many. What would she like to spend her $5 on if she were to come to this market? Ask her to give me some suggestions from a kid’s point of view. I would love to hear her ideas!!!

  4. Gordo Says:

    I love the way you involve Sofia in your work, Jim. That’s wonderful.

  5. ron Says:

    I love the rubber band works! Guess they could be fired w. out the rubber band and later reassembled. Hope you don’t get sick. Have a great day.

  6. Xiandarkthorne Says:

    I love the fact that you’re working woth you child and encouraging her to be creative. So few people realize that it’s important to nurture creativity in children as soon as they can play. And I love her tiles! You splishy=splashy pots look like Chinese ink plum blossom paintings!

  7. John Dorsey Says:

    Tiles are so great! – she’s well on her way to be a handbuilder. You do well to keep Sophia busy AND get some of your own work done – I find it almost impossible…BTW, Celia has the Loch Ness Monster crawling around in her throat as well. Hacking coughs are not good in little kids…

  8. soubriquet Says:

    I’m taking bets on Sofia still loving clay when she grows up. can you imagine how she’ll treasure the memory of all those times making things in the studio with dad?

    I hope there’s a plan to tile a wall somewhere, for the future?
    or to tile a tabletop?

    • jim Says:

      i was thinking of a tiled counter or something but she gets such a kick of putting them in the boxes when i ship a pot to someone that the stockpile keeps being depleted

  9. soubriquet Says:

    Dad’s making some nice bowls too, I see.

  10. Trish Lansdell-Denholm Says:

    Great work by both of you! 🙂 She is an artist already for sure!
    Nice bowls. Trish from Alberta

  11. Judy Shreve Says:

    Sofia’s tile work is amazing! She truly is an artist & I wonder if she’ll stay with clay.
    Oh and your bowls are nice too.

  12. Henhouse Pottery Says:

    My 9 year old has been my studio companion since he was old enough to sit upright in a high chair. He’s eaten more than his fair share of clay – (as has my beagle and my husky) with no ill effects to either child or dogs. I’m glad he still wants to hang out with his old mom while she works. Once his homework is done, he gets a go at playing on his own pottery wheel. He’s my favorite pottery student ever!

    Sofia’s tiles are just lovely.

  13. ang Says:

    love the lil sculptural collections yep they could be reassembled post firing she’d probably enjoy making new sculptures with them… bowls jim love a bit of splashy big fan…

  14. Amy H Says:

    she’s quite the artist! what an amazing gift you’re giving her- time in the studio…

  15. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Sofia is so creatively wonderful at entertaining herself. What luck for you both. Hope her cold is gone soon (and that you don’t catch it!)

  16. Victoria Says:

    What a l8ucky girl Sophia is! I love Dad’s pottery too.

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