Squaresville, Man…

I went into the studio yesterday to work on those vases and it was really cold again. After a couple hours, I couldn’t take it anymore so I dragged everything upstairs again to finish the rest of the day in relative warmth. Here’s the vases that I posted yesterday, I got a comment from my local potter friend, Maggie, saying to leave them the way they were but I had already done what I suggested…

I guess only time will tell. We woke this morning with a good 3-4 inches of snow and it’s still coming down like a fine dust. I think Sofia had the worst of it yesterday and she’s on the mend but probably won’t be herself until Monday. The coughing and sneezing… I thought it would never stop. I spent some hours putting little squares on some beer glasses and the bug sat next to me practicing her computer skills doing online jigsaw puzzles…


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11 Responses to “Squaresville, Man…”

  1. gary rith Says:

    LITTLE BUG! You know, Dingus would be good in a movie too.
    Colder than a well digger’s weenie here, but sunny. YOU PEOPLE are getting all the snow, HA!
    Red Pooper day for you two???

  2. kyle Says:

    good choice with the flourishes, handles….those pieces look great…will you be doing your “thang” on the surfaces?

    • jim Says:

      hi kyle, i think i will probably be doing my “thang”, i also think i may start referring to it as my “thang”

  3. judi tavill Says:

    Love these forms! Need to read back a day I guess!

  4. ron Says:

    yes you should start referring to your deco techinque(s) as your ‘thang’ . That would be great. Snow here too, but I haven’t been out in it yet. Have no desire to really. Online jig saw…I had no idea that existed. Off to Google it. Have a good day. Hope the Bug gets to feeling better.

  5. carole Says:

    i love how the attachments animate the forms. nice.

  6. meredith Says:

    it is your thang! do what you want to do….
    bug looks a bit snuffy there.
    Snow here and I would love it if you came and took it all back home with you!

  7. Eugene Hon Says:

    Luv the vases , can’t wait to see the end result of you doing your ‘thang’. The I assume hand-built additions give them that one-of-a kind look and feel – almost expressive in nature. This will be enhanced once the decoration is completed – you doing your ‘thang’ again. Your absolutely fabulous trademark. I do like them – more of what resides in your blog’s main image. I luv decorating – wish I could get my hands on them. You might not know but I cant throw – never ever really tried either. Have fun – albeit without the sun – glorious day year after a night of JHB storms.

  8. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Poor Sofia. She doesn’t look like her usual bouncy self. Glad she is on the mend.
    Super vases. I especially want to pick up the one with the upturned handles.
    sidenote – Have you ever tried Zcoil shoes? Jobsaver for my friend with pf who has to stand all day.

  9. ang Says:

    jig zone eh how cool gotta check that one out….those beer mugs are massive!!!

  10. Rob Lorenz Says:

    Totally digging the additions to the vases. They add a rather modern flair to those groovin’ forms.

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