(P)aralell (F)indings Of (P)inholing (F)aults and (P)lantar (F)asciitis…

Thanks to everyone for their kind, encouraging and (p)retty (f)lattering anniversary wishes yesterday. There are several common glaze faults or glaze defects that (p)otters (f)orever seem to be dealing with. There are (p)inholing (f)aults and (p)itting (f)aults and crazy crazing and crawling. Early in my ceramics career (about 3 1/2 years ago), I was testing, testing, testing and had my first encounter with the dreaded (p)inholing (f)ault. This is where wee bubbles form in the glaze and either pop but don’t heal or almost (p)op (f)orth. Here’s the best picture I could find of the (p)inholing (f)ault and it’s in the bottom of the pot…

When I was an innocent, the (p)erfect (f)it for (p)each (f)uzzed boys with unformed (p)re(f)rontal lobes and not for le (p)etite jeune (f)ille was the (P)(F) Flyer sneaker. Basketball (p)layers (f)lew down the courts with these in the (p)ostwar (f)ifties and the (P)(F)’s were eventually replaced by Converse All-Stars (both are available today). I mention this so I can (p)re(f)ace my (p)lantar (f)asciitis discourse and (p)oint (f)irmly to this Harvard study which confirms that the post (P)re(f)ontaine era of (p)uffy (f)ootware that artificially “supports” our shared incorrect running style is most certainly the reason for the running injuries that are epidemic in the current era and that the pre (P)re(f)ontaine era was (p)ractically (f)ree from said injuries. Not (p)ig (f)eet nor (p)oetic (f)eet but (p)rimate (f)eet, my (p)rimate (f)eet came down with a severe case of (p)lantar (f)asciitis one year ago during a relatively (p)eaceful (F)ebruary. You may remember some of this (p)osting (f)un about my (p)odiatrist (f)arse of a visit with (p)ieces (f)rom the dog poop strewn yard on the soles of my shoes…

You may have seen this (p)ost (f)rom November…

Both attempts were (p)erfect (f)ailures along with (p)added (f)oot inserts, rolling my feet on (p)opbottles (f)ull of frozen water and assorted (p)odiatry (f)ootware. Yesterday, I went again to the (p)opular (f)ootware store that specializes in this type of thing only to hear another (p)erfectly (f)allacious conceptualization of what’s wrong and what to do about it. The (p)re-(f)ormed (p)imple-(f)aced boy who waited on me eventually sent me to a second (p)revailing (f)ootware specialist and I finally met someone who seemed to know what was going on. It may have been her 25 year history of dealing with (p)lantar (f)asciitis sufferers or, more likely, that she mentioned that she made all the copper sculptures on the walls or that she was (p)lain (f)un to talk to. So I got these…

Mom thought they were (p)retty (f)unny looking but she thinks that about any attire I might (p)urchase (f)or myself. I wanted to get the flesh colored ones, you know, the (p)ink (f)lesh colored shoes that old people wear… but Mom would be (p)ositively (f)reaked and wouldn’t leave the house with me. Of course the flesh colored shoes don’t really look like (p)eoples’ (f)lesh which is what makes them so (p)reposterously (f)lawed. Anyway I will have to hold off of any (p)rima (f)acie conclusions and wear this pair of puffy, (p)added (f)ootware and see what happens which leads me to the (p)aralell (f)indings of (p)inholing (f)aults and (p)lantar (f)asciitis… if you suffer from either of these (p)rofane, (f)alse conditions the diagnosis will be relatively easy. It’s (p)retty (f)air to say the cure or solution is quite another matter. Everything you read or everywhere you go you will hear (p)erfectly (f)air-minded and (p)lausibly (f)oolproof suggestions that run the gamut of what will get rid of the (p)roblem (f)oot or fault but every suggestion costs money and takes and inordinate amount of time to bear out. It could take (p)otentially (f)orever to change and fire every (p)otential (f)ix for the (p)inholing (f)ault and the same for any (p)ossible (f)ixes to (p)lantar (f)asciitis. Damn, not sure that was worth the it but if my (p)lantar (f)asciitis goes away I will take a (p)eti(f)ore to the (p)odiatric (f)ootware lady.


12 Responses to “(P)aralell (F)indings Of (P)inholing (F)aults and (P)lantar (F)asciitis…”

  1. judi tavill Says:


  2. Brian Says:

    I sometimes wonder about how small the world is….
    On the news the other day they were interviewing someone about something irrelevent, and he was wearing these odd ‘toe shoes’. I thought they looked intriguing. Then just yesterday I was reading another blog which led me to this site:
    and the book ‘Born to Run’ from people w/PF (that’s plantar faciitis, not pinholing faults) 🙂
    Apparently lots of runners w/PF and shin splints have found relief where nothing else has.

    Good luck!

  3. jim Says:

    hi brian, yes… i read the book and got some of the five fingers shoes. i think it’s a growing movement soon to be added to by the “chi of running” book. not sure of the efficacy of treating PF versus preventing it though.

  4. ron Says:

    whew! Ha. My wife Sarah got interested in those five fingers shoes. She’s taken up running recently. She hasn’t bought a pair, she did buy the book , Born to Run. Does Mom like to be seen w. you in yours Jim?

  5. Henhouse Pottery Says:

    I have experience with one PF, but not the other. I’ve spent years of my life I will never get back trying to correct pinholing in several glazes. Why don’t we just start over? I often wonder, then realize sometimes it’s the challenge of fixing something “broken” in our pottery versus actually really having some connection to the glaze with the fault. I spent a year ruining all kinds of pottery, changing this & that to correct pinholing in a glaze. Once it was fixed, I found it was ugly for other reasons and never used it again. It had been a waste of my time to fix it.

    Or had it?

    You are hilarious today.

  6. Barbara Edwards Says:

    Ouch, painful feet. Much worse than glaze faults and perforce more important to permanently fix.

    (And after writing that sentence, my hat is off to you for being able to keep up the pf theme throughout your post, whew!)

    I hope the special lady gets her little cake soon.

  7. Patricia Griffin Says:

    PF, in both forms, really sucks. Sorry about the problems Jim, but grateful for your (p)owerful (f)unnybone!

  8. ben sibley Says:

    hey jim you might want to have a look at a couple of alternatives that help with plantar fasciitis…

    chronic plantar fasciitis sufferers have a history of lower back problems and dysfunction of the sacro-iliac joint this causes tension on sacral nerves coming from lower back that supply the feet (see your physical therapist regarding this one) reduce tension here..reduce plantar fasciitis
    2. Regular massage of the feet and calf muscles 1-2* per week from a qualified therapist. for -8 weeks
    3. Routine stretches from your Podiatrist. 2-3 times per day
    Injections normally resolve pain…not the underlying cause
    4. Wear foot wear that give you most relief
    5. If your orthotics/ foot supports are uncomfortable go and see your Podiatrist
    6. At the end of the day ICE massage.
    7. Trigger point therapy of the abductor hallucis, plantar fascia and calf muscle complex and hamstrings..ask massage therapist or physical therapists about these ones. Do the trigger points 2-3 times per day. At least in the morning and evening.
    8. Avoid surgery as much as you can.
    9. Reduce running or alternatively use deep water running with life vest on at your local indoor pool. (i know its winter there).

    warm regards ben sibley

  9. Loani Says:

    Oh you (p)oor (f)ellow.

    (P)onti(f)icate on this. You could of course (p)addle (f)uriously in the (p)er(f)ume of a (p)retty (f)renchwoman or (p)lay the (f)ugalhorn while balancing on the end of a (p)itch(f)ork.

    Perhaps you should just count yourself lucky you don’t have to (p)ut up with (f)urunculosis, the cure for which is the ever (p)erilous (f)ulguration.

    Nah! Just have a little (p)etite (f)orte on me. It is my (p)ersonal (f)avouite.

  10. Susan Says:

    I also have suffered form both PF’s. On the pinholing, it was recently suggested to me that if the first coat of glaze is applied at half strength (watered down), then the first layer of glaze is not as thick and pinholing is much less likely to occur. I can’t wait to try it but thought you may want to give it a try before I get around to it. On the plantar fascia front, I gave up orthotics and wear Birkenstocks only. I do stretches each morning before getting out of bed and never walk around iwthout my birks. I have only had to go to the podiatrist for the dreaded cortisone shots twice in the past 15 years. Birkenstock even makes an insole with a high arch which helps keep the foot from getting too tight.

  11. Jess Says:

    Love your pots…
    try Crocs for your feet. I haven’t had ANY trouble with plantars since moving into my Crocs 3 years ago.

  12. More International Confusion… « Sofia’s Dad’s Pots Says:

    […] problems that cause me endless pain when standing or walking and have been elaborated on more here. And let’s not forget the incident with the coffee table resulting in a lower leg hematoma […]

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