Samuel B.’s Got Nothin’ On Me…

–|-.– .-|.-.|– ..|… …-|.|.-.|-.– -|..|.-.|.|-.. stop. Mr. Morse was the dots and dashes guy and I never would have thought, in this age of technology, to be reverting back to the old days but as that coded sentence says… my arm is very tired. Here’s my seemingly endless stream of dots and dashes…

Here’s a bowl interior where the dots turned into dashes along the way…

Mom, Sofia, me and my neighbor from across the street, Jamie (Sofia calls him Jamie Wamie), went out to toast a local event the other night. First, why Jamie Wamie? When Sofia was two or so she used to refer to everyone by their first name followed by that same name starting with a “W”. There was an old man that lived two houses down named Frank and she started calling him Frankie Wankie which soon was changed into Frankie Wanker and at the time I was teaching her to sing the chorus of “Davy Crockett” that Tennessee Ernie Ford made famous around when I was born. We would insert Frankie Wanker where Davy Crockett was so the chorus would go… “Frankie, Frankie Wanker… the man that don’t know fear.” Second, what are we toasting? My next door neighbors who have at any given time between 4 and 6 dogs have officially moved out. I know for certain there was a medium large shaggy dog and another big dog that are always outside and bark incessantly. Inside are two mini pins and a chihuahua. There were two others at times but I lost track and I think sometimes they left one or two of them somewhere else. In the dogs defense, they were left outside in some inclement conditions with no one home or someone home but sleeping and they would just stand and bark for what seemed like forever. Jamie Wamie lived directly across the street and the dogs’ barks would travel betwixt our two houses (only 10 feet apart) and shoot down and across the road so that he could hear them plain as day even when he was at the back of his house. Anyway, here’s Alicia and Jamie Wamie toasting their departure…

Hopefully load a bisque today if I have enough wares.


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11 Responses to “Samuel B.’s Got Nothin’ On Me…”

  1. Gordo Says:

    I like the dots and dashes, wlthough I can imagine it being tiresome to do.

    We’ve had a few neighbours over the years whose departure warranted a drink or three. Our first house was a semi-detached and one young lady on the other side of the bedroom wall was rather … enthusiastic at times. Summer was worst when the soundtrack would echo down the street as well. πŸ˜‰

    • jim Says:

      hi gordo, that seems like it would be better than dogs barking, at least at first, but i bet it would become really bad in no time

  2. gary rith Says:

    HA! We know what Sofia is gonna look like in 20 years or so πŸ™‚ Jim, did you have ANYTHING to do with making your daughter?

  3. Zygote Says:

    Now that the dogs are out, I wonder what’ll move in…. maybe a drunken midnight yodeling cowboy.
    I love the color of the shellac on the white body.

    • jim Says:

      hi joel,
      our toast came with that very caveat… that maybe it was great they were leaving but who knows what will move in next. i did, however, leave out the part about the 3:00 am episodes of “cops” that were taking place.

  4. Ben Says:

    Nice to finally put a face to ‘mom’ πŸ™‚

    I’m looking forward to hearing about the drunken midnight yodeling cowboy–he sounds interesting πŸ˜‰

  5. kellyTpottery Says:

    Love your new pots pictured here. I swear, if you have anything left over from your big show, put it in your etsy shop so I can pick one up!

    Kelly Welly

  6. Peter Says:

    That is a beautiful bowl Jim, someone will be real proud to have it on their table one day!

    I laughed mightily at the story of Frank’s new name, Sofia style! I once spent a happy half hour trying to help train someone with an intellectual disability how to say “break down truck” without the last word becoming offensive… there was a problem with the “tr” sounds mostly being replaced by “fff”. The person in question had been given a toy break down truck as a present on his birthday…, the problem was what he would say to his parents when he excitedly tried to tell them about it!

    Other dangerous substitutions include putting “d” or “b” sounds in front of everything “dummy” or “bummy” for “mummy” can be upsetting for the recipient.

  7. judi tavill Says:

    Funny Wunny!!! Gorgeous chicks and the pots rock too!!! Can’t wait to see the finished pots but I,too,think they look so cool at this stage!

  8. ang Says:

    umm i’m speachless!!…

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