The Cadence Of Doodling…

I have a good friend that has been reading up on the latest running crazes… primarily barefoot running and the corresponding logistics that include a footstrike that is not on one’s heel and smaller quicker steps. If not for my foot affliction, I would probably be trying the same. Anyway, along with a shorter stride comes more steps per minute or a quicker cadence. My friend runs with an iPod and was saying that at first one thing he noticed (an apparently this is not new to runners) is that his cadence didn’t match the music’s beat on his iPod. The surprise to me was that iTunes actually has a column attribute of “Beats Per Minute” that one can display right next to “Song”, “Artist”, “Album”, etc. and there are websites that will list songs that match one’s running cadence. My friend was excited about the prospect of running with music that matched the rate of his stride so he checked it out. Aside from how cool he thought the idea was, the down side became clear immediately when the first song listed for his cadence was Cher’s “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”. So you can match your stride to the beat of the songs but you just have to listen to music you don’t particularly like… “But every night all the men would come around, and lay their money down”. So I got to thinking about unnecessary technological feats and figured maybe I could arrange my music to match the rate that I paint a wee dot on my pot. It turns out that the other day I sat there for hours doing just that and I listened to Ravel’s “Bolero” 5 times in a row… it’s only about 16 minutes and 17 seconds in length. Mom’s brother, when leaving a message on the answering machine, always says… “this is Mark, it’s about 7:13 on Thursday”. I guess he just doesn’t have the number of seconds handy. So I listened to “Bolero” 5 times and realized afterward that I never thought of Bo Derek once (older reference lost on younger viewers). I take this as a sign of aging. Here’s a few shots of the fishnet back breaker I was working on the other day, last shot has slip applied…


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11 Responses to “The Cadence Of Doodling…”

  1. Allen Says:

    I was looking at the fishnet pattern and wondered if there is not an alternate way. Would it be possible to paint down the web pattern with a resist that is water soluble and resists the shellac and then shellac with a wide brush. When you etch the water based resist will wash off, letting you etch the clay. I think that with other designs this would not give you your trademark pattern. The fishnet pattern seems conducive to this modified technique. This all assumes that you care and there is a water based resist for the shellac. Perhaps, one of the resists for silk painting. Cake decorating frosting? Just a thought. I was just picturing you spending hours hunched over your bowls. BTW, I am one of your many admiring lurkers. I look forward to your posts daily. Thank you, for all of your effort.

  2. Zygote Says:

    WoW! both to the Fishnet pattern and the golden mental image of Bo held in a special place in my mind. Thanks for dusting that one off for me!

  3. Meredith Says:

    I find that music really sets the stage while throwing.
    We have agreed no really hard rock while I am in the room.
    No mind numbing pop while he is in the room.
    But somewhere in between we can find what we want.
    About Bo-unlike Zygote- I will now have to go pluck out my eyes.
    I am still amazed at you work- you are a very patient man. or at least this leads me to believe you are.

  4. Barry Says:


    Your work is outstanding! Enjoyed the Bo Derek reference too….have you seen her lately??? She hasn’t age to bad either….like your bowls i guess.

    Enjoy your posts….are you going back North this summer for the “reunion”?

    • jim Says:

      hey barry, glad you stopped by. i guess i’m not going to the reunion although i’m sure it would be a trip. i went to the one in 1999 and it weirded me out big time. we try to get up north once a year and usually it’s either thanksgiving or xmas. do you go up there for either of those? i see you traveling a lot, what do you do besides take photographs (if anything)?

  5. gary rith Says:

    Hell, are you kidding? I think of Bo Derek every day!

  6. ron Says:

    Ha Gary!! You are amazing. Jim, love the bowl. I usu. listen to my favorite station on the computer which is KEXP in Seattle. I have to watch out that I don’t get going too fast if they play some old grunge tunes!

  7. k Says:

    It’s funny how you’ll run across a completely different topic while perusing blogs. I’m in the midst of getting myself back into running shape and your mention of beats corellating with running is something that’ll help fantastically while I try to get my wind back. Btw..I saw your mention of music videos portraying animal masks on Gary’s blogs. This is a good one by a relatively new and (I think) talented artist..

  8. jen Says:

    That is an awesome bowl!
    I just heard on the radio program I listen to every afternoon, a whole show on running barefoot. I’ve just started running a little bit on the treadmill again ( haven’t done that in 9 years!) and sadly, I can only keep my running beat with one song by the Kings of Leons!

  9. Peter Says:

    If there is ever a space station on the moon, I think Bolero would be just the right thing to play when doing bare foot running up there! Imagine it!

  10. ang Says:

    interesting you should state cadence of deco, i’m a fan of some good guitar music particular reruns in the cd player are paul wellers wild wood and john mayer live cd at the mo, just the right amount of variation for throwing, trimming and deco work, crazy stuff and a touch of the blues….just hits the spot…not sure about bo derek!!!!

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