Dingus Walk And Chamomile Tea…

A bug day is the best day. Sugar and I spent the day together and will again today. I usually forego taking the camera on our walks because it’s cold and with the dog leash in my hands, I’m afraid she’s gonna yank my arm at the wrong moment and I’ll drop the camera… plus I don’t have my glasses with me so I can’t tell if I have the thing in focus very well. Anyway, it rained all day the day before and snowed during the night so the snow was wet and left good footprints. Here’s the bug running up the alley…

A little further along, by the mayor’s house, Sofia alerted me that she had discovered “witch” tracks coming out of their driveway. I asked how she could tell they were made by a witch and she looked at me like I wasn’t very observant and said “the shape”… I think whoever made them had high heels on. A ways down from there is a really nice old house that has a big stand of bamboo next to it and the snow was weighing them down and bending them toward the road. Here’s Sofia getting ready to shake the snow off to see if they would stand back up…

After this she wanted me to “ice skate” on a sewer drain and I said there’s no ice there so she said… well, we can “snow skate” then and proceeded to snow skate for most of the rest of the way home. The highlight of the day is that we decided to skip the Red Pooper. The reason is that the Chinese cook that works there loves Sofia, makes her extra things and comes out and tries to talk to her and Sofia doesn’t like him it seems. I used to think that eventually she would warm up to him but she doesn’t and she doesn’t do this with anyone else. I also used to think it’s because he cannot speak English hardly at all and she doesn’t know what to say. Anyway, on the one hand, it’s awkward that he keeps trying to connect with her and she won’t even look at him and on the other hand maybe her intuition is right… how would I know. So I decided maybe we should take a break and went to Caffe Classico which is my favorite coffee shop. They serve lunch and recently they expanded and have dinner too. Sofia loved this! We sat at a high round table in stools instead of chairs and she got a chamomile tea which they serve in a small porcelain cup and saucer and an accompanying porcelain teapot… with a little spoon no less. We ordered some pomme frittes (french fries) and coffee and she gawked at people. There was a bus stop out the window across the street and a young girl that was waiting had pink hair and she seemed mesmerized by her pink hair and eventually said that she wanted to color her hair pink. I said all the typical meaningless father things like, your hair is beautiful… way more than pink would be, but she wasn’t having any of it. The tragedy of gaining experience is that no one inexperienced is interested. So now she wants to go here every week and I wonder how long before she starts calling it Caffe Poopico. Here’s a couple shots of the bug having a real life tea party…


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9 Responses to “Dingus Walk And Chamomile Tea…”

  1. Albertus Says:

    Hi James and Sophia…sorry to have missed the blog anniversary on Groundhog’s Day (my favorite holiday) congrats on that…looking at the Club 52 photos, we don’t look all that thrilled at getting older! I’m Falls bound again…enjoy the snow.

  2. zygote Says:

    Look at those FRIES!

  3. ron Says:

    Yum. Those fries look great. I’d love to have a big stand of bamboo like that. I know it’s invasive and all but still it’s a killer barrier.

  4. Barbara Edwards Says:

    We had a couple of pink hair phases in my family. Sometimes ended up with pink spotted bathrooms, too. I tried to think of it as ‘artistic’.

    Great line – “no one inexperienced is interested” and so sad but true.

  5. ang Says:

    ah thems what we call ‘chips’ here…mmm chips and chamomile tea what a combo!! change is good…excellent day out jim…

  6. gary rith Says:

    Smart thinking amigo, but next week, what will she say when asked “red pooper or cafe pooper?” and I hear the bookies laying odds in Vegas 10-1 against the red pooper…

  7. meredith Says:

    Kids know so much more than we do.
    we want them to be nice to everyone- but I would trust her feelings.
    She is a pretty savy kid.
    Mixing it up is good.
    nothing is forever.
    No snow here now.
    Maybe tuesday.

  8. Michael Says:

    I’m glad you took your camera!

  9. elizabeth burtt Says:

    miss India had a pink hair phase at about sofias age. I caved and got manic panic and put streaks in, washes out after six washes, and she was Ecstatic about the results.
    When I was in Halifax over the weekend, My friends little one had pink hair extensions that were attached to a barrrette. simple, and effective. The difference ten years can make, in hair fashions for five year olds!

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