Snowed In With No Milk…

Well, this is going to be a strange and unproductive day. Mom had to go into work today and the bug was supposed to go to school for the morning. My plan was to work til noon and then around 4 when Mom got back, get back at it. But I woke up to this…

That’s pretty significant snow for us down here and the schools are closed. My latest experiment with my feet demands that I wear my new shoes all the time and my only pair of boots lost their soul (not sure if they had much soul to begin with) last year and I didn’t get any new ones because we never really get any snow in Kentucky. So I can’t take the dog for a walk or go play in the snow because of footware issues. So here we are stuck in the house with no milk… oh my! Maybe I’ll make some barley bean soup… that would be somewhat productive. Here’s a bowl I finished up yesterday and put in the kiln…

Here’s another shot that I’m throwing in because it has the demon Dingus in the background. Notice the look on her face… like she’s planning something evil,


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11 Responses to “Snowed In With No Milk…”

  1. Gordo Says:

    Those of us in the North would like our snow back, please. I shouldn’t be able to see grass in February.

    Climate change, anyone?

    Take care of those feet, Jim and the soup idea sounds great!

  2. Becky Jo Says:

    Gordo, you can have the 4 feet of snow that is blocking my driveway and preventing me from cruising the Festicruiser. Jim, I’d LOVE to have that quantity of snow instead of what I have.

    Yer woofer does look like she’s up to something.. maybe put that pot somewhere safe? 🙂

  3. Judy Shreve Says:

    WOW – you did get some snow. That’s a beautiful photo. I’m a little tired of all the rain – but a little hesitant to wish for snow – – – –

    I think Sunglasses hates to have her picture taken – lol

    Lovely bowl!

    A fun project for Sophia is to color some snow with food coloring — shoot we used to add sugar & eat it — but I don’t think that’s such a good idea anymore. Just get some small glasses — fill with snow & stir in some colors!

  4. michael Says:

    Nice shellac’n Jim! Did you know that shellac is made from bugs? Specifically the female lac bug!!!

    So keep buggin’ em! Stay warm.

  5. Connie Norman Says:

    Send some of the snow this way. I would love a snow day with Vander. I remember when we lived in Kentucky, I was a mere elementary school kid, but everything shut down with the snow. Not here in ol’ WYO, we have to have tons of snow and horrible wind to get a snow day.

  6. Kitty Shepherd Says:

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. Been there, done that, and also have a very fetching XXL tee-shirt to prove it. Good luck.

  7. meredith Says:

    hey jim- busted! I did miss your post with all the singing and a picture of your lovely bride.
    I thought I read you “every” day but I must have missed that one.
    seems like a good day to curl up with the dogs.
    Tell her to move over.
    And no milk! poor Sophia she’ll have to have a beer.

  8. gary rith Says:

    well, she IS a cute dog

  9. ang Says:

    do you find yourself trying to read your own hieroglyphics?? there was a docco on the abc last night about some clay tablets found in ooni woop woop…you can tell i focus on the details!…anyhoo they made me think of your lovely pots…mmm

  10. shawna Says:

    Soup is the best thing for a snowy day! I have made several over the last week:) Hope you guys are able to dig out, we are on to snow storm #2!! 3 more feet on top of the last 3 feet……groan… Nice to work from home:) Loved your interview from the last post by the way! Keep warm and dry:)

  11. Eugene Hon Says:

    God it looks so beautiful to someone without the knowledge; lack of experience as to what it really means – so much snow and the freeze. You must be very happy that you are a potter – working next to the kiln, that can provide some relief during firing. It’s like having a coal stove at home to cook with, it provides the same relief in cold country homes, for the weekend away, during the winter months. You also have the advantage of not having to drive to work – all the advantages of being a potter. Must say it looks very cold – I’m shivering all over just thinking about it.

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