Who Was That Masked Man?…

Here’s how I’ve been spending most of the last few weeks. Shellac is cut with alcohol and when it gets a bit thick, it’s diluted with even more alcohol… so I don the mask and rest my reading glasses on top of the part of the mask that covers the bridge of my nose. It’s not that uncomfortable for the first 1/2 hour or so but after a while my nose starts to itch and the inside of the mask becomes wet with the condensation of my breathe…

Here’s a couple small bowls that are already loaded in the kiln. The little squares are getting waaavvvvyyy…

I think I’m going to run the bisque tonight. The kiln is full and this will be the coldest night for the next week or so according to the forecast (and we know how accurate they are) so the kiln will heat up the basement and warm the water pipes that I’m always worried about even though it’s only supposed to go down to 14 degrees and it’s already been colder than that this year. Here’s the fruit bat eating her oranges. Her favorites are those little mandarins called “Little Cuties”. We were at the store the other day not getting milk but getting some bread and stuff for soup (remember the “snow” day) and I was grabbing some celery and Sofia starts yelling… Little Cuties, they’ve got Little Cuties…


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7 Responses to “Who Was That Masked Man?…”

  1. Connie Norman Says:

    Wow, I like the mask. That looks a bit more uncomfortable, than the special equipment that I have to wear when making pottery. I have to wear latex gloves when I do the lettering on my pots, because of the lead content in the type.

  2. ron Says:

    Funny how over time and with repetition things change. Blocks to waves. Good to notice such things. Have a good day!

  3. Barbara Edwards Says:

    The shapes are moving! – new wavy bowl and a wavy video with a sweet ending. When I wear a similar mask for awhile, I get indentations on my face that last for a loong time. I look like a sock monkey.

  4. gary rith Says:

    You canNOT let that kid grow up 🙂

  5. soubriquet Says:

    I used to have a mask a bit like that, I hated it. I used to mix clay bodies in half ton batches, from powder, so a respirator was vital.
    Also I’ve had asthma all my life, and sometimes it tries to kill me.
    I can’t remember who or why, someone gave me a Racal Airstream helmet. This thing has a clear full-face visor, and at the back of the helmet there’s a fan, which draws air in through a coarse filter, then a fine filter, various are available, to suit the hazard, the air is blown in a gentle stream down from your brow over your face, and thus you breathe clean air, with no extra effort of breathing in. There’s no sweatiness. The visor is polycarbonate, tough, scratch resistant.
    I wouldn’t be without it.
    Here’s a link to the HEPA ones… 3M own the design now.
    Power is from a rechargeable battery pack you clip to a belt or a pocket.
    They’re expensive, but I’m told they come up on ebay occasionally.

  6. Patricia Griffin Says:

    what we go through to make our art, eh? The bowl looks fantastic!… Great recommendation from soubriquet in the comment section. Main thing is to stay safe!

  7. Tracey Says:

    I LOVE Little Cuties! We go though a box a week in the winter time. that was the only craving I had when I was pregnant with Wes. There were none yesterday at the store and I am NOT happy about that…..

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