Firing To Keep Warm…

I don’t think firing a bisque to keep warm is working. It’s 14 degrees and I left the door to the basement (where the kiln is) open and hoped to feel a nice warm draft wafting up the stairs and enveloping the kitchen this morning but although it’s comfortable down in the basement, it’s about the same upstairs. In the summer it’s quite a different story. In addition, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to a sound I didn’t recognize… could have been a critter noise. When I looked in the direction of the noise, I noticed that Dingus was alertly looking that way too. It’s not as though she was going to do anything predator-like, more likely she was planning her escape route. Then I couldn’t get to sleep because I started imagining a veritable ark procession of possums, raccoons, mice and rats marching up the stairs from the basement in pairs. I struggled with the thought of getting out of bed and lacing up my new shoes (the shoe lady said do not go anywhere without these things on) to go downstairs and look for critters and close the door to the basement. After a while the adage of “closing the barn door after the cows had gotten out” sealed the deal and I managed to drift back to sleep. Here’s a very un-well-lit picture of one level of the bisque…

I’ve been painting on the splashy pots for the last couple days and have got several more to do, the tedium is in full swing…


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10 Responses to “Firing To Keep Warm…”

  1. Charles the Potter Says:

    I’ve found we get the best residual heat from the kilns as they reach temperature and start to cool on the way up there’s just not enough heat to go around yet.

  2. elizabeth burtt Says:

    I love the splashy pots, can’t wait to see the finished product.

  3. gary rith Says:

    Dingus is a helluva dog….

  4. Meredith Says:

    We are all ready to be warm.
    We have been feeding the mice but I am not telling what….

  5. soubriquet Says:

    Hey, those pots look so good. I like them all.

    Cold here, too. Brrr. Snow keeps appearing and disappearing, the sun creeps through, is warm and welcome, then along comes another band of grey cold wet stuff.

  6. ang Says:

    never a dull moment eh jim?

  7. Heidi Says:

    Love the pot! I’m glad you didn’t have any critters in the basement. A woodchuck got into my studio once, it was disastrous!

  8. Eugene Hon Says:

    My partner sent me an email from his town in north east of China where it is 20 degrees below. He complained he cant go out. Here it never ever gets that cold – even though JHB is located at a high altitude. Friends of mine have a small place in the country town, Rosendal, there it snows. Our homes are not built for the freeze – luckily we have fireplaces down there and drink lots of red wine – that balances out the uncomfortable feeling associated with the lock-in situation. The place also has a coal stove which when fired up, warms up the entire place – a mission to keep going, but for stews etc. the wet flame is just the best and it adds character to the place. The kitchen is then more than often the place to be – the heart of the home for the weekend.

  9. michele shane Says:

    when this pots will finished jim? can`t wait to see result

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