Can We Go To Tommy’s?…

Last night as we were ending the bedtime ritual and I had already gone downstairs, Sofia asked Mom to ask me if we could go to Tommy’s today. I guess the Red Pooper is on the outs at least for a while. So, it’s bug day and we’re heading to Tommy’s a bit later for some chamomile tea in the wee teapot with the wee cup, saucer and spoon. I checked the kiln when I got up and it’s still at 249 so I’ll just think about something else and it should be unload-able later this afternoon. My right thumb keeps going numb and I’m not sure if it’s from the computer’s mouse or from painting detail with the tiny brush but either way it’s annoying to say the least. Here’s a few shots of the same pot, it’s cooling in the bisque right now…

That’s all I got this morning.


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9 Responses to “Can We Go To Tommy’s?…”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Oh no! I hope your thumb gets better. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Miri Says:

    Beatuful work, Jim!

    Oh boy…keep an eye on that thumb! Sounds like repetitive strain going on. My case of trigger thumb (right thumb as well) was brought on by repetitive strain. It seems to be in check now but I’m being super careful with it. I posted some thumb exercises ( that feel really good after hand-building (that’s were I seem to strain my thumb most, what with all the chamois and rib smoothing action). Another thing that is helping is a thumb stabilizer… Better safe than immobilized…

  3. Tracey Says:

    My whole head would go numb if I did work that detailed 🙂
    I love the shape of these bowls you make….

  4. elizabeth burtt Says:

    Careful with that thumb, I know the numbness well. I have the same issue. Your pots are beautiful. I have a student who is fascinated by your techniques and is going to try it out.

  5. nancy pene Says: love your detail…and your stories Jim.. .(Sofia is such a cutie)sometimes I get the thumb and finger ‘tingles’ when burnishing or just glazing in the fashion of being on a piece for hours..and being so steady with the little brush..I broke down and bought a and if I’m not in that thing every night, I can’t sleep good at all..sooo worth it, don’t do any Motrin since for my Arthritis pain…spring is around the corner…carry on Sofia’s Dad…have a wonderful weekend!

  6. John Dorsey Says:

    Is it just me, or did the Finnish National Olympic team get all “Gottuso” with their opening ceremony jackets? Can’t find it on the web, but I swear they were channelling your stuff…

  7. meredith Says:

    I want to go have tea!
    Pick me up please!

  8. Barbara Edwards Says:

    One of my daughters had a pre-school teacher who was from England. They would have “teatime” at school and sit around a little table and were only allowed to say nice things. Daughter loved repeating this tea ritual at home, and she would speak in her actually-pretty-good version of an English accent and insisted I that I do it, too. Fun to be reminded of this when I read about you and Sofia going out for chamomile tea . . .

  9. Eugene Hon Says:

    The suspense, waiting for a kiln to cool down, is toooo much. The joy of firing in a small kiln, a few statements at a time, is somehow less stressful, albeit not economical. I also have had one of my students look at your surfaces – the textured surface is often more interesting for me. It adds another dimension to the work, which makes it that much more special – another layer. Not just a special glaze over a stunning form. It takes patience and without pain no gain – the saw thumb – testimony to the fact that we are getting older Jim. Face it. Maybe you need an apprentice – does this open a can of worms!?

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