I’m Glad Smellentine’s Day Is Over…

We’re halfway through February and it snowed all night again and that’s not supposed to be the end of it. I’m starting to feel like I live up north again…

I’ve realized that there’s someone who really loves the snow… Dingus. When we were out walking in the snow, she dives in with her head and throws it up on her back and yesterday I think she ate enough to equal about two pilsner glasses of water after melting. We went to meet Coco and Andy for a beer last night. They left a bit early and when we’re there on Sunday, Sofia has two little friends that she plays with on the stage at the tavern. The two friends showed up after Coco and Andy left and we decided to stay a bit longer so they could play. They decided not to play on the stage but to sit at our table. So I was sitting at the tavern with Sofia, and her two friends and they were all drawing pictures with Sofia’s markers and paper. I had forgotten that it was Valentine’s day because we did that on Friday until the two little girls started talking about it. I told them very seriously that it’s not Valentine’s day, it’s really called Smellentine’s day. They didn’t like this new information and began arguing with me. I told them that I could prove it and beckoned them to sniff the air, sniffing thrice and saying… you smell that? This confused them but they stuck to their guns. Eventually, I told them that I owned everything and they didn’t like that either but were unsure until I mentioned that I owned all the cars in the parking lot and that I just let the people that drive them borrow them, that’s all. Then they apparently had enough and said to Sofia… your dad’s silly. I can’t imagine what they told their parents… but such is Smellentine’s day. Here’s a bowl from the bisque…

Here’s sugar’s finished pot from yesterday…


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13 Responses to “I’m Glad Smellentine’s Day Is Over…”

  1. Misty Says:


  2. Jen Says:

    Beautiful bowl! I feel your pain about the snow. I’m in Iowa and we are having record snow falls; 58-inches as of this morning for the season. Our drifts are 5 to 6 feet tall. My dog, Porkchop is not happy! Please tell Sofia she did great work on her pot. You can tell she is very proud of it.

  3. Michael Says:

    After last night’s and this morning’s snow, I’m starting to get really paranoid about not having my kiln wood cut, YET! This could have a serious economic impact on my shows coming up in March and April. The pottery cartel may have to jack up the prices if demand is still high!

    I’m wondering what parents with jobs (to go to) do when they have to stay home with kids?

  4. ron Says:

    Great bowl and great dish by Sofia! Maybe I’ll start drawing on my plates with markers. I’d probably get better results. I could put them in the closet for the second firing and that would save me some on my electricity bill too. Good luck w. all that snow. I think we are all ready for some sunny warm weather. Have a good week.

  5. Gordo Says:

    Jim, if you lived up here, you’d have grass.

    I love winding kids up, what a hoot. 😀

  6. Cindy Gilliland Says:

    Yes, I agree.. enough with the snow. We are finally getting some nice sunny days with temps in the mid 50’s 🙂
    Smellentine’s Day? Ha!

  7. ang Says:

    oh the entertainment value! priceless jim..

  8. Amy H Says:

    Will you please send some snow to Charlotte, NC?

  9. gary rith Says:

    Kinda sucks, Gord has no snow in CANADA ’cause it is all down south….

  10. Ben Says:

    Tell Sofia she does wonderful work!

    I like the idea of Smellentine’s day. Much more appropriate.

  11. Matt Says:

    You do own all the cars… but only on Sellentines’ Day.


    • jim Says:

      i realize that you own all the cars on the rest of the days but i really didn’t think you’d find me out.

  12. eugene hon Says:

    Those snow covered landscape images are just stunning. Icing on a cake for me – too white, pure and picturesque to be true. I remember traveling through Switzerland during summer, the sun signing, we were actually swimming whilst the snow covered the mountain peaks – it was like a chocolate box cover image – a great image for a puzzle. Never like them really – I imagine the images above will make for a very difficult puzzle. With all that white in and around everything. I love th bowl – must get one of them chocolate bowls when I get over my very own recession sometime soon

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