When Ice Becomes ICE…

I looked out the studio window yesterday and saw this hanging down…

In this case it’s the big one that didn’t get away. For any northerners out there, we get snow in Kentucky every year it seems… the difference is that it doesn’t last. When we get a big snow (4+ inches), everyone gets their sleds and saucers and heads for the big hill on the golf course in the park. They do this right away and it is crammed for the next day or two and then the snow melts. The difference this year is that today makes the 11th consecutive day with unmelted snow on the ground and if the weather shamans are correct, this trend will continue for weeks. Another thing that we don’t usually get are big icicles like the one Sofia landed in the picture. Soon after the picture was taken, of course, the icicle was dropped on the kitchen floor and broke into about 20 pieces. As I mentioned before, Dingus loves the snow and even more than that, she loves to eat ice. When Mom puts ice in her drinks, she usually “accidentally” drops a cube on the floor and Dingus, who is waiting underfoot, grabs it and runs into the living room to eat it. Anyway, Sofia and I grabbed the larger chunks and went out to throw them off the porch and break them into even smaller pieces and while we were out there, Dingus had a field day eating up as much of the icicle as she could before we got back in and picked up what was left. What we didn’t keep in mind was that this was the equivalent of her drinking a couple bowlfuls of water and we went about our business. Later we discovered an ICE (indoor canine excretion) by the back door. I know it’s our fault but it stays true to the fact that any lapse in dog attention will result in a penalty. Here’s two more bowls in progress and a closeup…


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16 Responses to “When Ice Becomes ICE…”

  1. Meredith Says:

    now that is an Icicle!
    Gee whiz I will be happy to see all the white stuff melt away!
    I am tired of cold- tired of snow- ice and all that winter has to give this year!
    Then again I never get tired of seeing your bowls.

  2. gary rith Says:

    Fantastico bowls, and even though we have icicles up here, yours may be bigger! Glad you got a pic of the kiddo with it, she’ll always remember that!

  3. Ben Says:

    Wow that’s a crazy big icicle! My dog goes nuts for ice too 🙂

  4. ron Says:

    Wow! That’s a big ‘un.

  5. Gordo Says:

    That’s some icicle! Wow

  6. jeff martin Says:

    yes, we have some four footers out here as well, your daughter is a cutie!..is that wax resist/forbes on the bowl?

  7. Connie Norman Says:

    Funny!!! I hope you don’t get anymore ICE, ICE, baby. We are missing the snow here in WYO.

  8. Tracey Says:

    Holy Crap! I HATE THIS COLD!!!

  9. Judy Shreve Says:

    That is one big icicle! It’s taller than Sofia! And I think Sunglasses is turning into quite a lovable dog — well – at least entertaining!

    The detail on those bowls is amazing.

  10. Supersillyus Says:

    a resident of Whoville

  11. soubriquet Says:

    That is one amazingly stylish looking child.
    And a most excellent icicle.

  12. Trish Lansdell-Denholm Says:

    Wow..yes, even for us ‘beyond the 49th’, that is a champion icicle!:).
    Jim, I love the bowls..would love to have a lesson in that technique. Are you coming to Alberta any time soon..:)…?
    great work..beautiful!..
    Enjoy your snow..
    Trish from Alberta

  13. elizabeth burtt Says:

    That is an awesome dress she has on. The icicle is quite impressive, we used to get them like that in NB, but now that we are in CB I have yet to see one that big

  14. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Hi Jim! Am reading your blog at nearly midnight because our 12-week-old ICE-maker woke me up with his whining because he needed to pee… Now he’s all about playing and won’t go back to sleep! Now we’re both whining…. Hey, love your bowls!

  15. red dirt girl Says:

    MAJOR popsicle! Belated congrats on your one yr blog-versary. May you be blessed with many more words and pix and pots!


  16. andrew Says:

    Or, a stalactite becomes a stalagmite.
    I could do with one of those. It was 35°C today.

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