There’s A Virus Amongus…

Friday night I went out for a couple beers and to talk shop with Jeff Campana and I felt a little under the weather. I’m not surprised because Sofia came down with something mid week and she kept coming to me while I was working and pleading… will you come snuggle with me? Well, it’s here and yesterday was hell and to rub salt in the wound it was 55 and sunny here. I forced myself to take the bug and dog for 2 walks because I felt I could just as well be miserable on a walk as at home. I thought maybe I’d wake up today and the worst would be behind me and then Monday morning I could hit the work hard feeling well and rested. Well I woke up this morning and oh hell, here’s a picture…

So, shoot me now. I guess you all realize this but February is a short month and I’m starting to feel like I could use those 3 extra days. Here’s some bowls ready for a bisque…


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13 Responses to “There’s A Virus Amongus…”

  1. meredith Says:

    we teach them to share and they do.
    I hope this one is short lived.

  2. Jeff Campana Says:

    I think I may have caught that cold. That’s the only way I could explain why I would have slept for 16 hours last night! I think I fought it off though.

    • jim Says:

      hey jeff, i apologize if it came from me. i remember during our first beer getting a funny feeling and hoping it wasn’t that i was getting sick but i guess it was. hope you fought it off.

  3. Tracey Says:

    Oh boy, I remember those days. when you have a little one they get everything and give it to you. Gerry and I stayed sick for about 10 years with Wesley’s school germs and then it sort of leveled out. We are all pretty healthy these days, thank goodness. Lots of vitamin C and B complex!

  4. ron Says:

    Dude, you look miserable. So sorry. Rest up, get well.

  5. zygote Says:

    One word…. Zelda

  6. gary rith Says:

    JIM MY MAN! Get out the bourbon and drink the day away….

  7. Cindy Gilliland Says:

    Bummer 😦 Feel better soon.

  8. cindy shake Says:

    Kill the virus with plenty of alcohol! I swear kids are petrie dishes!! I volunteered at Gus’ school last week and THAT night felt my head and throat ache…

  9. ang Says:

    ewwww thanks for sharing!!

  10. Amy H Says:

    bourbon? You’re KY… that’s right. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. eugene hon Says:

    Oh my god – not a good look at all. I can feel the pain and hope you get better soon. Get those vitamins as was suggested by Tracey – your immune system needs a boost. Have a healthy meal and get some much needed rest. A hot brandy, honey and tea mixture might just do the trick – if a cold related virus is at work. You need a sexy nurse to attend to your every need. All this advice – too much

  12. elizabeth burtt Says:

    I have one kid down with a nasty cold, and the other getting the sniffles. I am refusing to succomb. Hope both you and Sophia get better soon.

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