For My Listening Pleasure…

No long posts today… still sick. I love this singing. Sofia has gone into warp speed hyper-talk lately and while I was working this morning she was singing by herself. I like it so much because I take it as the sound of contentment…


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14 Responses to “For My Listening Pleasure…”

  1. Gordo Says:

    That’s most definitely contentment, Jim. It’s amazing when they can entertain themselves. 🙂

  2. Judy Shreve Says:

    Sorry you are sick — but the sound of Sofia singing has to make you feel better!

  3. jen Says:

    Oh, I know that sound so well. That is contentment! I have two little people who do that and one that makes bombing noises with his lego’s when he’s in “Lego land”. Our twins ever since they where really young would get into what we call “twin world” and just talk back and forth with their stuffed animals and nothing seems to disturb the two of them. Listening to childhood sometimes is just the greatest sound!
    Hope you feel better….Sofia most likely gave that to know! They are such cute little germ givers, aren’t they?

  4. gary rith Says:

    OH how wonderful! She just makes up songs? Wow.

  5. Ben Says:

    Awesome! Sofia’s singing–not that you’re still sick. Hope you feel better!

  6. ron Says:

    Sweet sounds. Hope ya get to feeling better soon.

  7. John Dorsey Says:

    Love that noise! Sophia sounds like such a happy kid!

  8. Lyn Says:

    Bet you felt better listening to Sofia. What joy little people give to we oldies – ‘Hot potato’ in our house is proof of the fun they can exude.
    Get well soon.

  9. kyle Says:

    I do love those times too…when my daughter is busy playing in her room or someplace all over our house, but is happy, content…singing with her sweet little voice…I know I will miss those sounds like I miss her gurgling and cooing when she was just a peanut…

  10. kyle Says:

    …almost forgot…hope your feeling better…that last image of your flu-y eyes was not aesthetically pleasing.

  11. Tracey Says:

    Just think my daughter used to do that and now she is getting gigs in local bars at 16 years old, playing her guitar and keyboard. LOOK OUT, it’s coming!

  12. Meredith Says:

    I miss those days- enjoy!

  13. Patricia Griffin Says:

    Wishing you well soon! Your beautiful daughter’s singing has got to be a bit of good medicine.

  14. Eugene Hon Says:

    America has got talent hopeful – at peace, happy and in good spirits. Love is where the home is and more, Beautiful. I’m sure it brought some comfort to your miserable sick and lame body.
    Get well soon.

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