As Good As It Gets…

Yesterday was bug day, as today is, and Sofia and I had a perfect day. I woke up to her shenanigans, not sure what this thing is on her head…

First she wanted to go to her new favorite website and then off to take the Dingus Amongus for a walk… it was snowing but it’s all gone now. I linked to the website but I just tried to load it and it won’t load… if it doesn’t load, suffice to say there are two big hands on the screen and one hand has the index finger extended. When you click on the hands the one on the right pulls the finger of the one on the left and then there’s audio effects… I’m sure you get the picture. It is funny for about 15 seconds but I think she’d sit there all day and when she’s laughing, I don’t like to be the one that stops the fun. Then it was off to Tommy’s for some pomme frittes, chamomilia and java and I keep trying to get her to ask for Tom frittes but she’s not having any of it. So here’s our setup at the counter on stools (Sofia says later when some kids came in and sat in chairs at a table… “I’m lucky, I get to sit on a stool”)…

So we had an idyllic couple of hours with tea, pommes and java and Sofia drew pictures while I crossworded. By the way, if you’re a crossword person you know that Saturday NYT is the most difficult, (Monday is the easiest of the week and each day is progressively more difficult until you get to Saturday… then Sunday’s is larger) but yesterday’s was a bear. I kept using the excuse with Tommy that I was having trouble concentrating because the bug was with me but really it was just incredibly difficult. Off to get some bok choy for dinner and on the way home we made a stop. On friday, I had taken the dog for a walk to get some fresh air and took a banana with me and when we got to the end of the alley, I was done eating the banana and I looked to my right and there was the corner person’s garbage can with the top slightly open and I chucked the banana peel in the can. When we were walking Dingus and passed the can earlier, I said to Sofia in one of our nonsense conversations that I had thrown a banana peel in there the day before. As we continued you said… you didn’t, and I said, didn’t what? She said, throw a banana peel in the garbage can. I said, why would I lie about that? She said, you didn’t lie, you’re just joking with me. I said, why would I joke about a banana peel? She said, you were smiling when you said it. I said, let’s go back and I’ll show you the peel. She immediately said, no, no, I don’t want to… but you were joking. Anyway, when we come home we usually drive down the alley so that we can pull up in front of the house without doing a 3 point turn so when we were on our way home from our errands I pulled into the alley and said… let’s stop and I’ll show you the banana peel. She said, no. I said, I’m gonna. She said, if you do, I will close my eyes. I said, ok, but if you close your eyes, I’ll put the banana peel on your head. She said, so, what will happen then? I said, it will be all slimy because it’s been in the garbage since yesterday. She said, ok (but I could tell that she still didn’t believe me). So I stopped and opened the can and showed her this now limp brown peel. I got back in the car and she laughed until we got to the house. Such is the entertainment of Dad and Sofia days. When I woke this morning I checked the bisque and…

I was surprised that it was that cool so I’m going to try and unload sometime today. The bug likes to help. Here’s some shots of that vase that’s in the kiln with the slip applied…

Glazing starts tomorrow!


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11 Responses to “As Good As It Gets…”

  1. meredith Says:

    oh- now that is Mark’s favorite site.
    reminds me of his dad!
    The truth will all be peeled away with that banana!
    She is a wise kid that one.

  2. meredith Says:

    ps! I forgot this is about pots too!
    Love the vase!

  3. Eugene Hon Says:

    They say cleanliness is next to godliness – well done. Wish it were true here in SA. Can’t wait to see the new work glazed and fired – we will have to waaaaaait to see.

  4. cindy shake Says:

    OMG!! OMG!! at first I didn’t have the sound turned on then when I did Gus came RUNNING over to the computer!! I have forwarded that site to all my family members and of course my hubby who will have to have his computer on tomorrow in class with all of his high school students…. what fun.

    Lovely pot too ;o) can’t wait to see what pops out of the kiln.

  5. gary rith Says:

    I don’t mess around: I just do the Monday crossword and feel INCREDIBLY smart 🙂

  6. dan Says:

    I bought a book of Chicago Sun Times crosswords about 6 weeks ago and I’m obsessed. I haven’t read a thing but blogs since. I do love the progression of difficulty that the puzzles take through the week. I like that pot a lot, too, beautiful form.

  7. Barbara Edwards Says:

    So I make it till Wednesday or so on the crosswords and then I pretend that I am too busy or have lost interest. Then there is a fun Merl Reagle puzzle in the Sunday paper that I sometimes jump right on or keep around till I’ve got the time to concentrate on the wordplay.

    You are such an amusing dad – great set-up to give your girl such a laugh about the mundane banana peel.

  8. ang Says:

    ahhh a good day out!! you are most def the monday morning entertainment around here!!!!!

  9. red dirt girl Says:

    I knew there was a reason why mules don’t do crosswords …… love the banana peel story. and the fact that she keeps a sketchbook handy. sumpin’ bout train a child in the way they should go ….. i applaud your dad’ly skillz!


  10. capricorn Says:

    Will the new Beer glasses be there as well?

    Dibs on them in that case 🙂

  11. Jerry Says:

    I bopped off to the website ASAP, because I was really curious to see what the Bug’s fav site was. Totally got suckered. Now might be a good time to say that I share an office with my boss…and the volume was not at one would call a soft level. Of course I had to post the link on Facebook with no words of warning. I’m mature like that sometimes.

    I am also a crossword fanatic. I work on the Washington Post puzzle everyday, their Sunday Magazine puzzle every week and I have a book of NY Times (or Boston Globe maybe???) Sunday puzzles at the ready on the bedside table. Nothing like a good crossword!!

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