Donde Esta Febrero?

It’s March 1… where the hell did February go? I know it’s the short month but considering how bad I felt for most of it, it seems like it would seem longer. Maybe it’s the deadline looming or maybe just that I’m older than I’ve ever been before on March 1. Sofia woke us up this morning and pointed to my chest hair and said, why do you have fur right there? Before I could answer she said, I know, I know, you’re a guy, a dude, a men. I said, I’m a men? She said, no, you’re a guy, a dude, a men. Yesterday she and I went to get a beer at BBC and walked in at the end of the USA/Canada hockey game (I thought that it was over) and with 19 seconds left in regulation USA scored to tie. I have to admit it was shocking and of course the bar erupted and people started chanting U S A, U S A in unison. This unnerved Sofia as she looked around the tavern in disbelief. I think she wanted to ask me what was going on but the decibel level was so high we couldn’t hear each other. Eventually it died down a bit and she said, why did they do that? Add that to the long list of 5 year old posers. I tried to explain nationalism/sports thing but halfway through she saw a girl her age come in and she stopped listening. She wouldn’t have gotten it anyway as many people much older than her still don’t get it. Anyway, kudos to Canada… let’s move along now to March madness and the rest of the endless string of “special days” to come. I actually heard the guy at the adjacent table of hockey fans bring up college basketball within one minute of the final goal. In other news, the Red Pooper closed yesterday. Sofia and I haven’t gone in in 3 weeks but I had lunch there with a friend a week and a half ago and they were very concerned about us not coming in on the weekend. I thought it was a bit strange that our weekly visit would have meant anything but apparently they were on their last leg and we didn’t know it. This is usually the way it goes with the little gems of the restaurant scene… they either become so popular that you can’t get in anymore or they remain diamonds in the rough and eventually go out of existence. We unloaded the bisque yesterday and no big surprises. Here’s one of the bowls and a closeup of the groovy textures…

Glazing starts today although I will probably just get the space set up and mix a couple new glazes that I want to try out.


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14 Responses to “Donde Esta Febrero?”

  1. Jen Says:

    The bowl is beautiful! I use to take my daughter to hockey games when she was 8/9 years old. She hated it! It was too loud and she didn’t understand the game. I tried to explain it to her but she was not interested.

    Fast forward 10 years; she was back from a college visit and I found her watching the Canada vs. USA! She brought up the subject of how she hated hockey when she was younger but felt good to support the team even though it was loud. I had to laugh a little.

  2. Gord Says:

    I don’t think we all really realize just how bad it is out there. We know about our own little circle, but unless it’s being hammered by the recession, we’re more or less protected.

    Groovy textures is right! Cool.

    We watched the last two periods and OT here. Good game and it was well played, too. I wish the NHL could play hockey like that. Get rid of the goonage and just play the game.

  3. Trish Lansdell-Denholm Says:

    Hockey, Jim, hockey..not soccer..:)..haha..just a note from the
    Canadian girl.:)..yes, it was a great game, both super hockey teams and I agree with Gord..I wish they would just play the game in the regular season instead of wasting time and energy in throwing punches…
    Beautiful bowls…:)
    Have a super day.

    • jim Says:

      hi trish… that’s weird! freudian slip or just pre-dementia on my part? i changed it. hilarious that i even typed it twice

  4. Judy Shreve Says:

    Jim – that bowl – that texture – it’s fabulous!
    Can’t wait to see it glazed.

    And I still can’t believe it’s 2010 — let alone March already!

  5. zygote Says:

    Crazy cool surface…

  6. liz Says:

    It was a fantastic Game, My hats off to The US team, they gave a good workout to our boys. I was on the edge of my seat for the third period, and into overtime! I am sure most of Canada has a hangover this am! The bowl is lovely jim. and so sad to hear about the red pooper. A got restaurant is hard to come by….

  7. nancy pene Says:

    now that’s some mighty fine have good taste Jim..
    Time marches on..(but do you think) working with clay slows things down a bit? Mom used to always tell us as we were leaving the house, back in the day to “go slow”.. we all need to slow down..(or will we fall behind?)..Cindy Lauper says so..have a good week

  8. ang Says:

    i know march already it’s crazy man!… ech sports talk you lost me, love the bowl in black and white but i’m just going through a phase pots in black with white slip and B&W photos mmmm…happy marching then..

  9. gary rith Says:


  10. red dirt girl Says:

    way cool!
    there’s something going on with months that start with ‘M’ – highly suspect.
    i just learned May is banned and now March has snuck in through the back door. Let me know when the madness ends !!!!!!!

  11. Tracey Says:

    March madness in my house equals never seeing my husband. he has to cover all that basketball. Lucky this year the ACC tournament is in Greensboro and Wes and I are going along to be film runners, so we at least get to see the male portion of our family for a short while. He was in BC last night trying to leave the closing ceremonies and it took him 45 minutes to get a cab while lugging around all his camera gear. Not a happy boy!

  12. eugene hon Says:

    Very exciting the game – the highlights were shown all over the place – rubbing salt in the wounds of the American Team. Its really quick – quite something to behold. Thank God for replays – you would miss out on the real finesse of the players.
    Love the new bowl – really fantastic surface decoration – cant wait to see it fired and glazed. Good luck with the glazing.

  13. Lifetime Network Says:

    Kudos to Canada? COme on! Or maybe you never had a Canadian supervisor.

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