My Kingdom For A Horse…

Or should I say, my kingdom for some tin oxide. I’ve got probably 3 kilnloads to do and I wanted to try 2 new glazes out. Obviously, it would make sense to put the tests in the 1st load and then depending on results use one or both in the next loads. So I’m cruising along mixing up the base glazes and what do you know, I need tin oxide. I know I have some but my mental inventory shows me that I have plenty. I look in my colorant cabinet… hmm, not there. When I extended the studio almost 2 years ago now, I had to stick all the materials I had down in the basement and I’ve only been bringing them up when I need them. So down to the dungeon rooting around and I find the tin oxide… about 50 grams. I need more than that just for the test. Fortunately, even though it was almost 5:30, when I called Kentucky Mudworks in Lexington, they were still there… so the tin is on it’s way but it still throws a small wrench in my gears. Then I ran out of EPK (Edgar Plastic Kaolin) that’s in the plastic container I have upstairs and went to get some more and I had 100 lbs. in two bags at the very bottom of my stack which meant I had to move about 15 bags to get down to it. The whole time I wondered what had made me put one of the most frequently used ingredients on the bottom of the pile. I love that EPK though, here’s a glamour shot…

So, onward and upward… sure everything will go smoothly today. Here’s a bowl that I haven’t decided the glaze for yet…


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6 Responses to “My Kingdom For A Horse…”

  1. jeff martin Says:

    look forward to seeing the new pots, yes where the hell did feb. go?!

  2. Gordo Says:

    It’s probably on the bottom because it was on the top when you moved it and it was the first to be put into the pile. That sounds exactly like the way I organize things. LOL

  3. ron Says:

    EPK. It IS beautiful.

  4. Barbara Edwards Says:

    There’s a rule, isn’t there, about what you need being at the bottom of the pile. The EPK photo would be right at home in a cosmetics ad.

  5. Meredith Says:

    Yep men- very nice picture- just don’t take deep breaths around that stuff.
    Breath through your ears…..
    this is what kind of day we are having- our facebook page for Whynot Pottery just disappeared-it is all blank and we can not figure out where it has gone.
    Would you please see if it is on the bottom of your pile?

  6. Rob Lorenz Says:

    Totally diggin’ the bowl. The fine black lines give it the feeling of a pencil or ink drawing. Do you ever do any work with just a clear glaze, kind of like the blue & white vase you have on Etsy (which I am also totally diggin’)?

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