No Shino No Squabble Scrabble…

Last night was the first super scrabble game of the year… and it’s March. We’ve been busy. On the board you’ll notice that there is no “shino” where the circled word is… it’s shiny. Before the word “guy” was added there was just the word “shin” sticking out there and I had an “o” but no “e” or “y” so I put the word “glow” going down and adding an “o” to shin to make shino for a neat little 42 points or so because the “w” was on a quadruple letter score block. Now we all know that shino is a word but Terry wasn’t buying it and we go by what’s in the dictionaries. I knew that it was an Asian word but thought since it was so old that maybe it had been usurped by english along the way. Terry challenged and it wasn’t in any of the 3 dictionaries we use. He played the word squab and I foolishly challenged. Not only is it in the dictionary, it’s in there 6 times. Here’s the board…

On the tin oxide front, after yesterday’s post I received an email from Dolita, another Louisville potter who runs the Louisville Clay Club blog, saying that she had some tin oxide I could borrow. Jeff Campana offered too and it was nice to know that there are people around that will help you out if you get in a jam. So I spent the morning glazing with glazes I already have and around noon Sofia and I drove over to Dolita’s home and got some tin oxide. She graciously gave us a tour of her really nice studio… I should have taken my camera (said the blogger with no picture). It was a very well lit and well organized studio space with water, a slab roller, a new spray booth and concrete floors, not to mention it was in a separate building. I was really envious. So thanks again Dolita if you’re reading this. Anyway, I got home, finished up with the glaze I had out and got the base glaze from yesterday. Just as I turned the scale on, the UPS guy showed up with the tin oxide I had ordered the night before from Kentucky Mudworks… how’s that for service? So, Dolita, I didn’t even open the bag… I’ll return it soon.


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7 Responses to “No Shino No Squabble Scrabble…”

  1. soubriquet Says:

    Big smile for Dolita, of the big heart.
    Something about potters, it’s rare you meet a mean one, outsiders often think we must be all rivals, jealously guarding our secrets, but it’s not so.

    Great scrabbling. I’d have let you have shino, of course. and blunge, fettle, and a lot of other words my end of workday brain can’t think of just now.
    One of these days….
    My brother, and his soon to-be bride have become great scrabble adversaries, every time they come north we have scrabblefests. April hasn’t figured out strategic play yet so we argue about playing order, because he and I -play a chess-like game of machiavellian intrigue. the person after April has a strong advantage… whereas, being after him, or after me…. players have been known to cry.

  2. gary rith Says:

    DANG! and tin oxide is not cheap…

  3. Barbara Edwards Says:

    If zit, xi, and nu are all words, surely shino. . . but too bad, even Sowpods and Collins don’t recognize shino. Oh, the scrabble vagaries. Good defensive playing with no quad scores! I play on-line super scrabble with a claymate who moved away.

  4. ang Says:

    yeh i’ve tried to play the shino word on facebook scrabble an no go but then ive used other asian words and they go through…bizarre! excellent news on the glaze front then, woohoo..

  5. red dirt girl Says:

    cry, sh-my, don’t listen to soubry – this from the mule that has beat him repeatedly at scrabble. he hasn’t won a game from me yet !!! of course, i use my ummm, errr, muley ways with him ….. hee! hee! and my rdg dictionary, specially written in red crayon … can’t wait to get my hands on a super scrabble edition … just need to remember to bring my camera to photo op the board. great post.


  6. liz Says:

    ahh the scrabble game. The only one I can still win against my kids! I would have given on the shino, you should always play with potters, and wordsmiths..

  7. Rob Lorenz Says:

    As it happens I DID get away with using shino in a game of scrabble the other day. Of course it helped that my wife is familiar with the word and no one was really challenging anything.

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