Pomme Frites And Scooters…

The bug and I had our usual Saturday fun yesterday walking the dog and going to Tommy’s. It got up to 55 or so and sunny so later on we took the basketball and her scooter and went for a second walk without the demon dog. We ended up at the school nearby which has a handicap accessible ramp that goes about 25′ one way and then zigs back another 25′ the other with metal railings on both sides. Sofia took her scooter up the stairs and then down the ramps over and over and over… nothing like gravity for scooterin’. Here she is with her tights on her head…

Of course the thing that I was preoccupied with all day was the kilnload. When we got up it was still a little to hot to unload so we went down about 2:00 and unloaded it. It wasn’t bad but a little disappointing. I didn’t like the results of either of the two glazes that I went through all that rigmarole to get in the load. The raspberry one was ok but I don’t like the glossiness of it and my other experiment wasn’t even in the ball park. There were also a couple pieces with minor flaws that I guess I’ll try to refire but haven’t done any refiring yet and not sure what to expect there either. Here’s a shallow bowl that I liked… the picture doesn’t really show how it sets up off the table surface because the macro on the camera has a tendency to distort a little up close. I really liked the way the chop on the bottom came out, I’ll take my victories where I can get them…

Here’s one of the beer glasses with the ergonomic handprint…


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11 Responses to “Pomme Frites And Scooters…”

  1. Meredith Says:

    I can’t get by wearing my tights on my head anymore!
    Your pots look great so smooth and inviting.
    I look forward to seeing some this fall!

  2. Judy Shreve Says:

    That is a gorgeous bowl! I have found if you re-fire – you get the best results re-firing one cone lower. Do you slow cool? That might help the raspberry’s glossiness. I can send you my ramp/hold schedule for ^6 if you want it.

    Love the tights —

  3. zygote Says:

    Those are beautiful… I’m curios to see what didn’t work out though.
    That chop is so cool!

  4. Cindy Gilliland Says:

    Nice pots and glazes. I love the green glaze on the beer glass.

  5. Connie Norman Says:

    Hi Jim
    Nice to see glazed pots and nice chop. I got my PMI yesterday and I torn threw it lookng for your article, but no such luck. I hope it is in the next issue. Have you heard if it will be or not? I’m sure it’s hard to wait.

  6. red dirt girl Says:

    love the headgear. yesterday WAS gorgeous …….. what happened to today ???


  7. ang Says:

    love the bear mug!! super stuff! bummer when things dont meet your expectations but there’s always the learning curve…

  8. Jason Says:

    An ergonomic beer glass! What could be better than that?!

  9. eugene hon Says:

    Nothing as exciting as opening a kiln when all goes well, its like Christmas has arrived. However the opposite holds true, especially when the pots don’t match your anticipated expectations (look and feel) after you slaved away in the studio for days at end like you do (ensuring a kiln-load full of ceramics before you fire). Well it seems the cold weather is now a thing of the past – the worst of it. There has been an increase in natural disasters lately or am I just imagining it – it reminds me of my religious period or should I say spiritual days gone by. In Revelations in the bible, it states, that it will be one of the signs to look for in determining the end days. It also speaks about the conflict in the Middle East – It all a bit too close for comfort – lets not go there.

  10. Tracey Says:

    As you know I very rarely open a kiln with anything I like, so I know how you feel! I think that’s why I like Raku so much. I have no expectations and know I will have some loss,and the firings are faster so I can fix the mistakes quicker. It’s just all so complicated isn’t it!

  11. thecapricorntm Says:

    My wallet is tingling, when do we get to have the beer mugs on Etsy?

    Please I need one 🙂

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